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November 24, 2019


When we were younger, time went back faster than we could count days; in the morning it'll be Monday as we're walking out the door, and by supper it's Saturday and we're out watching a football game. Those days life was easier, where the only thing we cared about was good grades and who made out with who in the hallways. And though our troubles seemed to drown us back then, we always seem to find a new way to get back on the horse called 'life', time and time again. 

It's funny though, 'cause nowadays time flies by as fast as a bug attempting to walk through mud-and sometimes it just gets stuck. It seems as though we'll wake up on Wednesdays, happy enough the weeks halfway over, but irritated enough that it's not Friday, and by lunch, it'll look on the calendar for today's events ad find out it's Sunday instead and it's not even time for breakfast yet.

I remember how we spent the day when we did have time, and those memories have always been a part of my life. Photos of our old lives decorate my room, there's one with Megan, who we met in the drama room. Next to my shelf sits a photo of Aaron, who we both use to like, be he ended up being more like a brother.

Ironically though, we're all not together now. They were more like our minor friends, who we'd hang and say hi to, but not take a vacation with. I can't remember when they last time I talked to them was perhaps when I was twenty-three and graduating from yale? No promises though, I can't remember much these days.

Sometimes the sound of our laughter will fly through the wind, moving my wind chimes, making it so all the sounds surrounding me sounds like music, and my body yearns to dance like we use. Though most days go by and I can't even remember your name.

But my favorite thing about us though is when you visit. My children live in separate states, each further from the next, and my grandchildren have gone off on adventures of their own. Making it so my company is nothing more than the occasional ninety-three year old into younger women (by ten years, if you know what I mean) like me. Only, once in a while, you'll stop by and we'll both smile like we use to. Most times your dentures will fall out and we'll laugh as the nurse tries to pick them up. And other times, I'll fall asleep upon seeing you 'cause I think I'm dreaming.

Before we went our separate ways after college, you took my hands and whispered 'I will always love you, sister'. And I'd smile and say so back, and even though we weren't sisters by birth, we were by choice. I wouldn't want to call anyone else sister.

That's why, whenever I see you-or try to, 'cause my glasses don't work much anymore' I'll always yell 'Sister!'
Finished: 11/24/19
For #friendsgiving contest hosted by FoxLilly106 
She needed more entries, so I figured to give it a shot. Hope it's good :)


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    Awe! That was really sweet. I enjoyed it. Results will be posted by Dec. 1st if not sooner.

    5 months ago