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Here's a Thanksgiving poem.
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Thanksgiving is Giving Thanks

November 28, 2019


November is the season
We all gives reasons
Of things we're thankful for
Whether we be rich or poor.

So let me tell you
What God has done for me
As well as what he's done
For my loving family.

He has given me Godly parents
Who have raised me in the church.
They've taught me the Scriptures
And everything they're worth.

He has given me a flag
Whose red, white, and blue
Have always stood for
Freedom, Justice, and Truth.

He has given me salvation
From Satan's deepest Hell.
He has done more for me
Than I ever could tell.

I must confess I do not know
Why God has treated me so.
But I am thankful nonetheless
For He has given me nothing but the best.


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