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Art is Dead.

By: JakeFrommStateFarm


Art is dead.
I killed him long ago.
Others have tried to resurrect him.
None have made it so.

He left all his paintings.
I tried to better them.
Instead, I took his colorful canvases
And turned them black as sin.

O, how I need Art.
O, how Art doesn't need me.
I only wish it wasn't too late
To give him my apology.

Message to Readers

Here's a poem I wrote while I ws supposed to be doing my homework!
If you have any suggestions for poems or prose leave them in the comments section!
Any feedback you have on this poem is great!
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Peer Review

It was short, yet powerful.

Not really anything I would say. You explained what happened in three stanzas.

Reviewer Comments

Love that' you're working on poetry. I've never been good at it personally. I posted a few of them, but none of them really got anywhere.