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That One Computer Class When You Have a Substitute

November 22, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

I glance around the room filled with the gentle clicking of keyboards.
Rain patters against the window, and there's a distant honk from the road outside.
The substitute's glazed eyes scan the students as he drones on about the assignment.
I can almost hear my peers' boredom, dull and unending.
Soon his snores add to the clicking and pattering and boredom.
A principal argues with a boy in the hall for skipping class.
Everyone quiets down to listen but soon, lose interest.
The back of the room contains quiet chatter and gossip.
Girls whispering,
"Did you see that?"
"Haven't you heard?"
There's the occasional mocking laugh when a joke is told that is almost a little too cruel.
A door slams, rattling the windows.
A girl jerks awake pushing her water bottle over noisily.
A soda can opens, and wakes the sub causing his chair to creak like a loose door hinge when he sits up and pretends to care when a boy in the front row raises his hand making his jacket rustle.
Someone's music is playing a little to loud, but a bout of coughing drowns it out for a few seconds.
The clock on the wall is ticking even though the time is off,
And just as I'm about to ask to use the bathroom, the bell rings, and the stampede of overly caffeinated, stressed teens takes over.


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1 Comment
  • skkabjkbd

    This is so simple and ordinary, yet so special. Your way of writing leaves a lot of room for imagination for the readers, which is perfect for this type of piece, while they can still see the scene you are painting. Good job!

    11 months ago