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i can live
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I Can Live #whoamyou

November 23, 2019


The winds are ferocious and shove me around
I can't lift my feet just an inch off the ground

The air feels like water, I'm starting to drown
I can't seem to swim, I can only sink down

But there is a candle still burning inside
It won't let the storm lay waste to its light

My heart can light the way out of the valley's shadow
It shines through the darkness with hope all aglow

Though the demons and monsters do best to discourage
I won't get caught up in their breath-stealing current

Even though I trip and fall, I twirl and waver
Though I keep on going, wish I was braver

I know people who can help me, but where
Where can I find them, are they there

Then I remember, they're in my mind
They're always with me when I am blind

I can't escape my thoughts or my fear
But running away is what got me here

So even though I am afraid and unsure
Even though I can never be sure

I can continue, I can make my own path
Face the world's danger, face my society's wrath

I can live
Give all I can give
I can live 
Pacifist combative
I can live



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  • Taz_the_Bagel

    I love this poem so much! My favorite line is "Though I keep on going, wish I was braver" This really connects to me. I keep going/keep living and walking through life, but I always wish I was braver or just more - corageous.

    8 months ago
  • Anajou772

    Great poem on motivation, and determination! Well written. Keep it up!

    8 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Beautifully lyrical!

    8 months ago