United States

The Forest

November 24, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

The birds chirp in many different tunes, each is singing their own song, independently, but they all add up into one melody, a wonderful lullaby of nonsense. The trees are silent, but their leaves make up a white noise behind everything, the sound of leaves waving excitedly in the air. A distant creek makes a soft gurgling sound over smoothed stones. Bugs make many different noises, from chirping to buzzing to the horrifying tiny sound of a mosquito as it flits past your ear. Twigs break every so often, so you cannot be sure that it is a wild animal or just nothing. Pine cones snap and fall down trees in a wild manner, a squirrel probably putting weight on the wrong branch. Branches fall in a deafening snapping sound, so loud that you are never prepared for it. 


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