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Write The World Two

By: Kamari Bonneau

My novel is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. As most people know Frankenstein is a big hideous monster who lives in a huge castle. But did they know there was a whole entire story behind this monster? Characters like Victor Frankenstein, Captain Walton, Elizabeth Lavenza, and the Bride of Frankenstein are different characters of Frankenstein. The Beginning of Frankenstein started off as Victor Frankenstein going off to school and study, and Captain Walton going out to sea, writing letters to Elizabeth his dear adopted sister. Elizabeth and Captain Walton were very close. They enjoyed writing to each other while he was away. While at sea Captain Walton was upset about being alone, he always wanted a friend while at sea. Later on in the story Captain Walton and his sailors spotted something mysterious out at sea. Something huge and man looking. Could this be Frankenstein? Soon they crashed into an iceberg and got stuck on the iceberg. The sailors and Captain Walton were stranded on an icy cold area until there ship was fixed. 

Peer Review

She started by introduced what inspired her. And the introduction hooked me in!!!

The author uses real-life phrases, and description.


I have a sense if where this novel rake place, and there is no improvement needed for bring the setting to live.

You are very talented!!!!!!!

Reviewer Comments

Keep writing!!!!!! Have a good Thanksgiving!!!!!!