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The Hall of The Shadow King

November 22, 2019


There they were in The Hall of The King of Shadows
When he came in
He saw her 
He ran to her 
And knelt down beside her
He kissed her
And whispered in her ear 
He said of darling and of dear
She tried to tell him something 
But her voice failed her
And her heart stopped
And his hope dropped
And he cried out her name 

They all stood there hopelessly
At the loss of his love
He fought back the tears 
And so did they
Then The King of Shadows appeared in The Hall
"Is this your doing?" he asked him
"Of corse" The King did laugh in his cold cruel voice
He found nothing to say and just glared at The King 
Then he drew his sword and so did The King
They fought and they fought
And he slew The King

And then the girl he loved had come back again
For she had also fought The King 
And then the adventure went along
In sorrow but also in song
For an evil shadow was just another page of the story.   


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