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Pray to the Moon

By: Autumn.B.Coleman


Look to the stars,
as if they know how to ease your turmoil.
They burn knowing none of humanity,
only of the raw power that is life
and the supernova that is death.

Look, the iridescent haze of my window
then the moon begs to tell me something,
yet I cant reach to hear.
Pray nevertheless to that moon,
"Let me be strong again"

Did she listen?
In her constellation hammock in the sky?
If she didn't, I don't mind.
for all my strength can be cast away,
I'll still love you

Peer Review

I'm a sucker for celestial bodies and anything with the word pray so I had to read it and I liked it.

What was your inspiration for the piece?

Reviewer Comments

Thank you for this piece, I'm inspired to share something I wrote with a similar message, I was afraid and now I'm not, thank you.