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November 19, 2019


this poem is called i-keep-dreaming-i-keep-dreaming-i-keep-dreaming-i-keep-dreaming-i-ke

last night i drowned in central park. my shadow tinged the mulch grey and i ate chunks of plastic swings like breathing, swallowed up the sun and spit it out onto the met avenue/lorimer street stairs. i smeared the coffee stains into my hair and knelt in an empty city, breathless and desperate and voiceless. how long will my body's borders continue to expand, i asked the lorimer mosaic, how long will i wander canarsie platforms in dizzy memories? i will not become temporary. i will not become forever.

above belvedere castle i walked on a rope bridge. i never stopped screaming never stopped aching, i am desperation desperation desperation desperation. last night i drowned in central park. last night i fell over the rope bridge. last night i hit the water without a sound. last night i drowned in central park.


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  • Norah

    your work never ceases to astound me, keep evolving, keep changing, that's the only way we grow with our poetry and our poetry grows with us

    about 1 year ago