Drew Barton

United States

The Train, The Chair, and a Hat

November 19, 2019

“Chuf , chuf , chuf, eeeeeer , dunk” the train roared as it backed down on to its passenger train. “Peep peep peep get in quickly please” the driver asked as he blew the trains whistle. And the passengers did so but the firemen noticed a very sus passenger with a very fancy top hat but whatever we get sus people all the time like the drugie and the cat lady. The cat lady personally still haunts me at night but any way “peep peep” the train yelped  interrupting the firemen's thoughts “Are we ready guard” “...ya...” he called from the end of the train he blew his whistle and the train was off quickly picking up speed. But then on the roof of the train was a thud “ what was that” questioned the driver “I don’t know” questioned the firemen. The driver peered out the window to see the sus guy with the hat riding a broomstick it was a witch “he he he answer me these questions three.” “ ok “said the driver. “First question, what is the 300th digit of Pi”. the driver quite confused said “ uh.. Mmm. 5” “ WRONG” boomed the witch “ zipade, zapity, you are now tapestry” the driver still quite confused about the situation yells to the witch “ nothing happened what are you a fra-a - aaaa” the driver screamed as his body was misshapen into a leather chair.
The firemen quivered in fear after what happened to his partner. “He he he ho” the witch cackled, he laughed so much that he fell off the broomstick and died while his hat miraculously landed at the front of the train. “ well I suppose that solves one problem” the firemen said grimly. But how do I stop the train and make the driver a person again?
The Fireman still wondering on how to solve his problems announces on the P.A system. “ Attention, the train is going very fast and it can’t stop, so if would stay in your seats that would be appreciated, thank you and remember, we will probably die so start writing your will, your firemen thanks you. Have a nice day” the passengers that were riding the train were surprisingly comparative in writing there will. The firemen still contemplating on what to do. he didn’t know what to do, he was new to his job and didn’t know how to drive the train. Not knowing what to do he ran to the guard at the end of the train. “ hey the train can’t stop” the firemen yelled to the guard. The guard smoking a massive cigar “ ya, it does the sometimes” said the guard smugly “And the driver is a chair,” the guard, to high to fully comprehend what is going on he sheepishly said “ okay” so “we need to find a way to stop it” said the firemen starting to get annoyed at the guard. “ all right,” said the guard. “ so my idea is that we try to get the witches hat-” “bruh, there's a sand-wich” the guard said in a daze. “ …, yes, and that sandwich has a hat and if we get that hat then we can stop the train.”  “ok, i guess i will try to slow it down while you get the hat” the guard said slurring some of his words. “Right see you when this is over”
The guard stumbled to the cab while the firemen ran on the roof of the train towards the front. The firemen hat walk on the front of the train to try to get the hat to hopefully reververs the curse. While the high guard tried to slow down the train. But when the guard got to the cab he saw a lovely leather chair “ Ooooo, How nice” and he sat down on the chair but he thought he heard a muffled screaming but it was probably things he has been seeing but then he realized that he needs to try to slow down the train but he managed to speed it up to the dismay of the firemen on the roof. The firemen lost his balance and fell on his face but was determined to stop the train he got up and ran towards the front of the train and he saw the hat but he also saw the station where they were going to stop, if he doesn’t act fast everyone will die, He reached for the hat that was on the buffer and managed to grab it and put on and said the enchantment, “ zipade zapade you are now no longer tapestry” “ hey did it work” said the firemen to the guard “ no still comfy chair” the firemen concerned took of the hat and looked at the label, “made by Urban outfitters” “oh no, it's just a fancy hat”
As the firemen looked at the incoming station he reflected on is life choices and understood that it was his time to go.


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