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Hopes for the War

November 19, 2019

She sprinted away from him. She slammed into people, knocked down the towers of books of students and without any apology, she continued to run away. Panic searing in her body, disbelief stabbed her again and again in the chest, until it wasn't enough. A sob threatened to lurch out of her body, her feet stumbled as she kept herself from slipping. Her scarf had fallen open, the one that he gave her, that pale green silk scarf, the one that now seemed to choke her. She ripped it away from her neck and clenched it tightly in her hand. 
She continued to run, eyes blindly searching for an empty classroom or corridor, It did not seem to dawn on her, that she was climbing the stairs, that she had almost reached the terrace, that the path would get finished and she'd continue to run.
Sweat poured from every part of her skin, her hair was messy and was plastered to her head, her hands were clammy and she could feel crescent circles on her palms. She seemed to ignore all this.
Her running slowed as she neared the black metal door that led to the terrace of the campus, but she did not stop, instead she simply pushed the door open and slammed it shut, finally coming to a stop. She came to a stop behind the door and heaved against it, breathing heavily, trying to control the pounding of her heart and the light dizziness that threatened to overcome her. Just as she managed to steady her breathing, a spell of anger hit her and a sob escaped her throat. She crumpled to the ground as more and more screams burst through until it was her weak form raking with cries. They didn't stop, they couldn't stop. She had tried to keep it in check, but the dam had overflowed and now it was venting its frustration. Minutes passed and not once did her tears stop. 
A hand slowly made its ways around her shoulders and then her back, it settled there and rubbed it comfortingly, he knew it made a difference to her because her cries had subsided to hiccups and sniffles. He pulled her close and she buried her head in his shoulder, drawing comfort. He continued massaging her shoulders until the tension had started to ease. After a while he pulled her away, brushing her hair out of her eyes. 
He asked her gently, "What happened Rose?" 
She shook her head still sniffling and looked down. 
After a few minutes, Rose started to speak. 
"He left..." 
Dan looked shocked “But he said, there was still time. They might be able to save him" 
"No, he did not leave for the war. He ran away." 
Dan's eyes widened, his voice faltering "What do you mean."
Rose sighed, "I was coming back from the library when the headmaster called me. He asked me when I had last seen Jack. I said this morning before classes. Then he showed me a letter Jack had left on his bed in his dormitory. He said that several teachers had reported not seeing him in classes. Then they started questioning and then his roommates gave this letter. It read that he was leaving everything, he wasn't brave enough to go in there. It was best if he left"
There was silence for a minute. "So, he just left you.”
Rose sighed, " In his letter he wrote that he was sorry that he couldn't give me what I deserved." 
Dan did not speak; it took time processing. But he knew that saying anything would be futile. She was much too hurt for that. So, he stood up slowly and held his hand out to her. She looked at it dazedly like she couldn't comprehend what it was. He smiled at her, "You need to get going, for now at least, before the mess hall fills and the news about his disappearance spreads. People would be all over you."
She nodded and took his hand. He led her down, to the first floor where he paused in front of the dining area, he stood there contemplating something then decided against it and led her downstairs to the kitchen and silently started to eat. Rose looked more lost than ever but some life seemed to enter her as she ate. Dan decided he might as well distract her. She eased up a little and even allowed herself to chuckle at one of his jokes. 
But her mind wandered to the war, to the allies, to the powers that be, the ones that seemed hell bent on making her life as miserable as possible. First her dad, then her brother, then the lieutenant's hunt for her and now, when she finally allowed herself to feel relieved, even Jack was taken away from her. But then an angry thought crossed her mind. 
'No! No one took him away. He ran away himself... He chose to leave his life behind. He chose to leave me behind. He chose to break all those promises. He chose to do the easy thing.' An angry scowl formed on her face at that thought. Dan noticed, "Hey, it's okay. You never know, he might come back for you. You might meet him again. She shook her head. "He chose that; to break what we built. I wouldn't forgive him, but if he has forgiven himself, then I wouldn't hope that he comes back." Despite, the emotionless tone in her voice he could hear the deep hurt resonating within her words. "But I really do hope this war comes to an end. The second world war, a war with its glory in killing." She shook her head bitterly at this. 
"Nothing would happen to you, I promise. Our people would protect you... I would protect you" Dan said softly...
Rose smiled and brought her glass of water up "To hopes then..."
Dan smiled and clinked his own with her "To hopes..."
And for that one moment the tears and anger drowned in the clinking glasses of water.


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