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November 19, 2019

All to be seen was blood and terror as the war between Ares and Athena only seemed to grow and grow, until all of Greece was in turmoil. All who didn’t see had fled, leaving about half a dozen children to keep Athens from falling to pieces. Children who were too young to be schooled and brainwashed to be blind to the true nature of the war.
            Andreas huddled close to the other children – all silent, innocent as they slept restlessly under the smoldering remains of a cottage. He watched the night sky, breathing in the tendrils of smoke, reaching desperately to infinity, escaping to where neither him, nor his friends could. Unable to sleep, he sat up, gazing into the distance at the towering figures in the distance, the thundering clashes of their godly weapons muted over the span of their village. Of Athena’s carefully calculated advances and Ares’s violent, chaotic blows. A fight to the death for the attention of their father.
It was common knowledge that Zeus favoured Athena over her sibling, Ares, and just like all the countries that had split up during the war, so did this relationship. This battle wasn’t only to prove themselves to Zeus, but to prove themselves to each other… and to gain power over Athens. As massive clouds rolled in, a bolt of lightning split the pumpkin-coloured sky in two just before His echoing voice boomed across the ruins, declaring that the truce for the night would start. It was hard to blame Zeus for letting them fight; neither of those blood-thirsty giants would ever admit to being second best, just like how siblings would never allow the other to have the bigger piece of bread in times of hardship. That was what Andreas and the others had planned for. In the morning. He stared through the shattered window of their cottage as one by one, the Gods dissipated into thin air, and the fire seemed to calm down with them, dying down to warm embers, disguised by soot and dust. Yawning, he leaned back onto a pillow of ashes, closing his eyes, waiting, fruitlessly for a sleep that would never come.
Morning came and smoke still rose from the scorched earth as Andreas rose, glancing outside at the smothered dun and stretching to get ready for what they were going to do next. Flakes of tiny burning pieces of whatever was left still flew around like disturbed dust motes in the sunlight; a bleak reminder of what must be done.
They must summon Zeus.
Andreas and one other boy, Drakon, would make their way to the field of battle, call out for Zeus, who would be able to stop the war with their proposal, and all of Greece would go back to normal.
The two kids looked at each other and a silent understanding passed between them. Time to go. They stood up simultaneously, approaching the place that no mortal would have been able to just a night before. Andreas tripped on a charred lump on the ground, the overcooked flesh giving way to the hard, cracked leather of his boots. He swallowed the bile rising in his throat, not wanting the other boy to sense his fear. He looked up and found Drakon staring at the corpse, the same kind of distasteful expression on his face that Andreas expected was on his own. The pair walked side by side in silence the rest of the way to the battlefield, tripping every so often, faces grim, but determined.
Here, there was no grass whatsoever, just a huge burnt patch on the dry, cracked soil, scarred by months of soot, flames and wreckage. He looked at his friend, who had always been there for him, now the two of them would have to be there for the fate of the whole world. They had been chosen for a reason to do this. Mainly because they were the oldest, but there had to be more to it than that… right? Besides, they’d travelled too far to give up now. Looking back, their cottage looked smaller than the flecks of burning debris, thicker here, at the heart of the problem. He imagined his friends all hiding there, silently cheering him on. He heard Drakon take a deep breath and call out the name of the most powerful God in the universe. Then an indescribable tornado-like formation materialized within the clouds, demanding all attention and slowly, shaped into the one they’d all been waiting for. Zeus. He seemed to reach the heavens with his height, looking regal as ever, a look of intimidation plastered on his face as permanent as He was himself. Looking up at the gargantuan figure, being given permission to speak, they began to voice their plans.
Instead of the devastating war that was taking over Athens, the Gods would have a pentathlon to test the limits and skills of each of the Gods without destroying half the country. It could still be difficult, a test that would still show who would break first but it would also show who is smarter. Who would be able to conserve their planet the best instead of destroying it, throwing life away as if it could all go away at the press of a button. But no, the pentathlon would be a test of brain vs brawn, brother vs sister, the owl vs the wolf.
Zeus expression gave nothing away. His eyes narrowed slightly, but then his mouth twitched into a smile.
“I approve of your idea… But on one condition. They are each to have one mortal representative. You will be the ones who will participate in the decathlon. Do you accept?”
Andreas’s stomach dropped, feeling dizzy. Drakon swayed on his feet, looking at the ground. Were they really meant to fight a war of the Gods? But then again, is agreeing to this going to stop the war? It could work, but then it couldn’t. Before he could overthink it too much, Drakon’s voice echoed out into the silence.
“We accept”
Two simple words that could change so much. Two words that could make or break history. Two words that could make the pair of them history.
The two simple words that changed everything.


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