A Bit of A Fall

November 19, 2019

This feeling he felt was painful, but not so much as like an annoying bothersome itch inside of his head. When he rose from the floor, his head felt like he had taken a hit in the back by a sack filled with stones. At least, that’s the best he could have described it. He noticed that the floor below him felt a bit damp. He blinked, black spots slowly disappearing from his vision.

How odd, he thought, he didn't remember what happened or anything at all even. He shook his head before he started to panic, he pushed himself away from the floor and stood up with shaky legs.

"William?"  He heard a voice say quietly behind him, he was quick to react to the name, turning his body around to face the stranger.

"Huh?" He sounded unsure, confused and a bit surprised to see the person before him, William, was he referring to him? The stranger had hair reaching to their shoulders, its color an ash blonde while his eyes were a noticeably a vibrant lapis blue. Their pale skin littered with light freckles. With the type of body build the stranger had, they appeared to be a male. At least he thinks so.

"William" subconsciously slowly pointed towards himself, clearly not getting the idea that he was referring to him.

"Yes, you, idiot. You're bleeding from the back of your head. I told you to be careful since the wind is strong, you fell from the stairs. You're lucky to not even have a concussion." He said.

Who was this man? No wait, taking in his features and the sound of his voice he started to slowly remember. This man's name was "Saul", his friend from the bakery downtown...It sounded absurd that just a simple fall from the stairs could make him forget a lot, but it seemed he's started to remember after just a single glance at Saul.

Without much realization he was staring, Saul cleared his throat and spoke with a nervous smile.

"Hey, Will, stop staring will you? It's getting a bit disturbing with you staring at me while you're bleeding a ton." Saul said, William was snapped out of his thoughts and apologized to him curtly. Saul rolled his eyes in response, other than that, he had pulled out a large rag from his satchel that was apparently beside him and pulled William over. He pressed it against the back of his head and grabbed his hand, told him to keep it there until they got him to the local doctor for simple first aid.

"Urgh..." William grumbled under his breath as he was dragged off with Saul, after regaining his consciousness and being met with Saul, who didn't seem to treat him any gentle considering he was injured and bleeding, being taken to a place he could barely recall seemed to bother him a bit, but he couldn't show it to Saul. Especially when he has a damn crack in the back of his head, was it? Who knows, all he knew was it was painful and he wanted to get it over with and rest.

As he followed Saul through the small town he was in, he couldn't help but trail off in thought again. His thoughts clashing together as he tried to focus on the situation, but other questions in his mind threw him off. He mindlessly followed the man, but honestly he could tell he could care for him, albeit he was too preoccupied to really tell anything else.

When Saul stopped in his tracks, William swore out loud as he almost tripped, Saul grabbing by the back of his shirt to prevent him from falling and worsening his wound. Saul groaned, but seemed to almost be amused by how disoriented and clumsy he was.

"Geez, Will, you're more prone to danger than usual. Why do I have to look after you every time?" Saul asked with slight sarcasm, William frowned at that, he wasn't a toddler- let alone did he even need to be looked after.
Though despite not recalling much, keeping silent about it, he acted along. For some reason he knew he could trust this man for some reason.

Saul opened the door and looked at him, he raised a brow and smiled.

"Well? What're you standing out here for? It's just the doctor you coward." He scoffed, Saul grabbed his hand and tugged.

William yelped as he was pulled into the small house, his mind was clouded with thoughts once again. This time, with Saul. It struck him as an odd train of thought, but he wasn't exactly complaining, more embarrassed over it. Nonetheless, most of what he was thinking was pleasant anyways.
I'm not exactly great at making titles and also writing things in a short amount of time, but I tried- I may not be that great, but I wanted to give this a try.


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