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The ocean night

By: Connecting...


Warm light emits over the sea
The ocean waves crash
Sounds so free

A light fog appears oversea
Waves and rocks clash
Warm light emits over the sea

Have you ever wondered whats undersea
the light house sends out a flash
Sounds so free

I can see the outline of a tree
The constant bash
Sounds so free

The moon has yet one beam
A light streak dash
Sounds so free

The ocean pleases me
The constant splash
Warm light emits over the ocean
Sounds so free

So I don't think this is my best poem but I am just trying out different styles of poems tell me what you think.

Peer Review

I liked how "sounds so free" repeats. It really makes it leave an impact.

I think that you should write a second poem. It should be about what makes the ocean actually free, or if it is at all.

Reviewer Comments

The poem to me means that something may seem like it is very good, and that it will make you have a better life. But things aren't always how they first seem. There is more underneath that we won't even know about, unless we dive into the rabbit hole.