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Why Irises Are Some of the Best Flowers Ever

By: hi i'm jackson ;)


The iris is one of my favorite flowers on this planet, along with snapdragons and passionflowers.
It is just so pretty, it's tall and usually blue or purple.
Irises are the sweetest smelling flowers, in my opinion.
They remind me of my house in Indiana, USA.
We had a row of them growing outside a wall of windows, and whenever I needed a moment I could come and look at the flowers.
We had a violet-and-yellow-dappled variety.
Two of my favorite colors, besides blue.
Their petals are so soft, as soft as silk. So soft that sometimes...I'd just reach out to pet them. 
In the winter, it seemed like the blooms had died.
But soon, they'd spring back up, just as beautiful as before.
They'd always come back, even when I thought they had left forever under the snow.
The iris may just be one of my favorite flowers in the world, along with the snapdragon and the passionflower.
They are sweet, tall, and purple. 
What's not to love about the iris?

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Peer Review

"In the winter, it seemes like the blooms had died", really sadden me because the first chunk I highlighted was so beautiful.

I know it's about Irisies but it would be cool to compare and contrast passionflowers and snapdragons against Irises.

Reviewer Comments

I like the title and The Flash so I kept thinking about Iris West-Allen, the best character on the show beside her husband, Cisco, and Caitlyn.