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In Time

November 19, 2019

They were so close to unlocking the secrets of time travel. It would only be a few more days for them to engineer a component that could withstand the intense chronon radiation and then....

At least, that was what Dr.Caldirola told himself to keep his hopes up. They had been testing components for a month now and nothing had survived yet. The most mysterious part was the fate of these components - careful experiments had revealed nothing of their atoms remained. They had disappeared completely, as if they had fallen into a black hole.

He turned his gaze upon the machine they were building. It was nowhere as elegant as the time ships that traveled the pages of science fiction novels, a mess of tubes and wires that filled the entire chamber, leaving the floor empty for its technicians to work. A red tile stood out among the others, the place where future subjects would be placed.

Dr.Mottola was walking towards him. She had been working passionately on the project since its conception, but today she wore her lab coat like a mourning dress.

"Dr.Caldirola. The recent tests have failed."

Caldirola remained silent. He knew that in in his heart, this was what he had been expecting.
"Is there anything left?"

Dr.Mottola paused a little and averted her eyes to the machine.
"I'm afraid not. No natural or man made material works."

Dr.Caldirola tugged on the white fabric of his sleeve. Although they wouldn't say it aloud, he could see in the faces of the other scientists the same realization that he had been dreading. That they had come so far for nothing, just another of history's little jokes.

And then there was light.

It lasted just a moment, but was bright enough to dazzle them for a few seconds. As their vision came back to them, they saw a man on the red tile. He seemed like an embodiment of entropy, a long beard, a bush of hair, wild eyes, and a burned and worn white coat. Dr.Alexis recovered the quickest and called for security. Other scientists were backing away, and a few technicians held screwdrivers as if they were stilettos.

"Wait!" He took a few steps forward. "Don't do it! The Universe doesn't let people mess with it and get away! Wait..."

The man fumbled in his scorched coat and fished out a piece of paper. "Look!"

And then the security guards burst in. They wasted no time in thinking how such a scruffy old man had gotten past them and instead followed their orders: the project was to remain secret.

As the man fell to the floor, a shining disk fell out of his pocket and rolled over to the red tile. Security was swarming over the body, checking for explosives or communication devices. Dr.Mottola had gone to look at the paper, which was still clutched tightly in his hand. Dr.Caldirola, however, was attracted by the disk. It looked like nothing he had ever seen before. He picked it up.

"Dr.Caldirola! You should see this!"
It was Dr.Mottola. She had the paper in her hand.

"What is it?"

"It's a newspaper. From the future."

"But that..."
Dr.Caldirola paused for a moment, then continued.
"The project worked! He is from the future!"
He was excited now, and he knew what to do.
"This disk. It could be what we are looking for. Analyze it."

"But doctor, the article! It says mini black holes form. The Earth is in danger in the future. And his warnings..."

"Dr.Mottola, that disk exists only because it was delivered to us by a member of our own lab." He knew that Dr.Mottola would have recognized the distinctive style of coat, even if the security did not. "If we do not use it to complete our machine, then we will never have been able to send that disk in the first place. The very fact that this disk exists means that we must Travel. Whatever the consequences."

"The Bootstrap paradox."


"But James! Look at him! Do you really want that to happen to one of us? For the world to end because we dared play with time?"

Dr.Caldirola sighed. "We haven't been playing with time." He looked to the ceiling, as if, somehow, the Universe might hear him.

"Time has played with us."

I plan this to be the start of the novel. If I get around to writing the rest, it will probably follow the origins of the mysterious man, how the project continues, and the future of the earth.


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