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October 2019 Must Reads!!!

November 20, 2019


If you wish to see all October's nominations, please read the comments of our piece titled 'October (2019) Must Read Nominations!' Now let's get to the point.

Categories will be first (in bold).
Next will be the nominated piece (linked) as well as the author (linked)
Following will be a quote from the piece (italicized)
After will be who nominated the piece and why
Last will be our thoughts of the piece
!!Disclaimer: Some categories had more nominations than others, that’s why there are some more must readers than others!
No nominations were applicable.
Divinity by Dani A. Remlap
"I met God at the corner of fifth and futility"
Self-nominated because 'I'm insanely proud of this poem'
Our view on this piece: The most moving aspect of this whole piece is how metaphorically it all comes together, and it's more than angels and conceptions.

on how to say goodbye before your time by agustdv
""help me," too difficult to choke out"
Dani A. Remlap nominated this piece because 'this poem is hauntingly beautiful.'
Our view on this piece: Everything about it was strong and emotional and was able to be understood.
No nominations applicable.
creatures of the desert by Anha
"generally amiable to whatever elements pushed or pulled him in their direction."
Selfnominated because "i was really happy with how this turned out; the foils of assana and her grandfather portray a strong message of love that transcends generations."
Our view on the piece: So philosophical and takes different ideas and concepts we grow up without thinking about, but yet apply to us.
The Power of Words by Aurelia.Valus
"Our fists may start fights, whereas our words can start wars."
buddingauthor nominated this piece because 'Its short, yet it makes a big impact.'
Our view on this piece: There's so much power in this, and you could provide hundreds of examples just from this statement.
Simple/Short but powerful
borrowed time by N.
"Heaven in my hands"
Dmoral13 nominated this piece because "it was worded wonderfully and gave me goosebumps"
Our view on this piece: The contrasts between the two ideas here is really interesting and wonderfully done.

"i thought it less like a lake and more like a moat" by rainandsonder
"it's just a bit snapped now, a bit/unhurried"
Dmoral13 nominated this piece because "loved the structure and diction, was written uniquely"
Our view on this piece: Beautiful descriptions and imagery.
Historical Fiction
No nominations.
0.0354166667 (three kids watch the end of the universe) by Surly Wombat 
'"do you think we'll see the stars again?"'
Just A Dream nominated this piece, but the reason is unknown.
Our view on this piece: This was a painfully beautiful piece packed with emotion.

And lies will tarnish the blood of the innocent until my veins are ruby-red once more.
"I rushed to the canvas, and a picture was painted out of the blood in my fingers."
Anha nominated this piece because "in the words of artificialaorta; 'Ultimately, it asks the question: "Does a tree make a sound if no-one is there to hear it?", and it fiercely responds, "Don't be an idiot."'"
Our view on this piece: This piece gives one shiver and twists their mind and thoughts to a point where one can not even attempt to recover.
No nominations.
No nominations.
wolves on the wind by Anha
"Khonstant was small, but had no shortage of funds for when it came to their faith."
Araw nominated this piece because "her construction of a literary world in this piece is one of the things that exemplify the deliberate way in which she writes and the hard work she puts into every word she types up."
Our view on this piece: The character connections within this piece are strong and really adds to the story.
Science Fiction
No nominations.
No nominations applicable.
Folklore/greek mythology
dogs' eyelashes by
"El Charco is but a sand grain of civilization scattered among thousands of others"
Anha nominated this piece because "he cultural influence shines through"
Our view on the piece: Used dialect, slang, and ideals within this piece that I really enjoyed and understood as I read the references.
Lower case prose
hometown blues by paigepaigepaige
"the summers are/oppressive"
babybluelamentations nominated this piece because "this piece has such a relatable feel of wanting to escape from a place where you don’t fit in, and the imagery used in it is insanely beautiful and detailed."
Our view on this piece: Gives a different view to a small-town image and makes one crave the urge to leave.

and his notes so blue they shatter the sky and the sea by rainandsonder
"it is this ecstasy, the whole band whipping and dragging and pulling around the metronome"
weirdo nominated this piece because "i love this so much. it's just...beautiful."
Our view on this piece: Breathtaking. All the metaphors and imagery used is so realistic and stunning.
Novel Nomination Shout Outs (we'll look into and review these on a later date :))
The Trials by Twilight
Past Memories by FoxLilly106
The Girl Who Could Stop Time by Rachel Bryan

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