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Oh How Strange it is to Miss the Pain

November 16, 2019


Often, often.
How often I miss you. 
Not that you would know this, 
trapped in my own haze of blue. 

Crying out, God!
But I am drowning. 
The stars fall fast into the stratosphere 
I panic, for it is only me out here. 

I know you are watching, I can't help but wonder what you see. 
Do you see the same young girl trapped in her mind?
Am I truly free? 

It doesn't matter- your shadow still looms above. 
I am stained- splattered with the marks of our past. 
I am flying- but I am still a caged dove. 

Scared and hopeless, unable to escape. 
From your reign over me. 
Yet I still find times, 
where I miss you
-Even wish you were here. 

What would I say? 
What would I do? 
I would be paralyzed- for I would not know. 

For now I will just hate this feeling
Of missing something that hurt me so much. 



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1 Comment
  • El1678

    I absolutely love this piece!

    about 1 year ago