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phantom noises are interesting, and so i decided to write about them, in a different way, a kinda creepy way :3

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phantom doorbell

November 23, 2019


she woke up in the middle of the night, again, hearing the sounds of the doorbell ringing. the red, blaring digits of her alarm clock flashed on her face, as she rubbed her equally red eyes. she wiped the cold drops of sweat off her face. the sounds of the doorbell haunted her, it was an ineffable feeling of horror of that day, when the impassive look on her face never left. she draped the dark cardigan hanging on her chair and shivered. she reached for a glass of water and walked down the tortuous steps of the house. she opened the door and saw no one, she checked again, but there was no one in sight, just her and the starry night. she closed the door and muttered something about "ding-dong-ditchers," and stomped back up the stairs and draped the cardigan back where it was and slid the glass back onto the table. she slipped right into the midst of her never-ending blanket and listened to the euphony of the rain pitter-pattering on the windowsills. her eyes had just closed and a horrible sound arose again. she refused to get up and twisted and turned through the night. she woke up again, her eyes bulging, face tangled in her hair and sweating from another nightmare. the doorbell sounds only grew louder and louder and more frequent and frequent. she stomped down the stairs her blanket trailing behind her. she was going to get those ding-dong-ditchers good, she thought. she approached the door, but it was creaked open. she shivered as she looked outside, the doorbell sound still ringing. she looked to her right and realized,  

she didn't have a doorbell.


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  • Eri_09

    I was wondering if the Fantasy League Writing Group is an actual group like Flash Fiction or a normal group...

    7 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Surprising ending!

    7 months ago