Peer Review by Baylee Curry (American Samoa)

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Death's Humble Inn

By: JakeFrommStateFarm


Death waits for us all,
And patiently he waits,
For it is only a matter of time
Before all men enter His gates.

"All hope abandon, ye who enter here,"
He says, "For within ye shall spend all of eternity's years."

"Put away your wails, put away your moans,
"Put away your pleas of mercy.
"For ye have had your chance on earth,
"And now you must live in my country

"Trapped thou art, never to leave."
Disheartened by this news, they crumble to their knees.

They cannot endure this torture.
There must be some escape.
"There is none," says Death,
"Your soul is mine. This Inferno is your place."

"Stuck, thou art, as instruments for my jests.
"And I assure ye, that here, thy souls shall never find rest.

"You've drank the Cup of Death once before,
"And cannot drink of it once again.
"So here you are, damned to this Hell
"As payment for your sin."

"You won't enjoy your stay at Deaths' humble inn.
"For in the game of life, Death is the only one who truly wins."

"All hope abandon, ye who enter here," is a a quote from the sign on the Gate of Hell in Dante's Inferno. 

Message to Readers

Here's a poem about death.
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Peer Review

the part where it says " Before all men enter His gates" what did you mean by that?

what would he do, would he feed us to his death hound? are you going to deepen this story more?

Reviewer Comments

over all very good piece. great work!