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Desperate Times #CuriousWriters2019

November 15, 2019


Carla plucked raisins off the bread of her chicken sandwich and aimed them into the bin. She was subtly keeping her eyes on a small, blond boy about her age who was curled up in a ball near the bin, sobbing desperately. She knew exactly why he was crying so hard. 

She threw the entire sandwich in the bin and sat next to him, leaning against the wall.  

"Sorry about your mum."

He went on sobbing. 

"My mum was on the boat, too. I haven't cried since I got the news. Haven't been able to. I just feel kinda numb."

The boy sniffed and looked up at Carla. He didn't respond, so she went on talking.

"I wish my mum had never joined that stupid Mother's Fishing Club. I always knew it was bad news. First, that incident last month when the club member drowned when she fell off the boat, and now the entire boat sank and everyone drowned. They should've closed the club after the first incident, but no, they're too stubborn. My mum was stubborn, too."

The boy nodded, and mumbled, 

"Mine as well."

Carla got up. To her surprise, she was crying. The tears in her eyes blinded her, but she managed to make her way to the alleyway behind the funeral building. There was a man waiting for her there. He stood up when he saw her, the wind whipping his long hair in all directions. His blue eyes pierced into her brown ones.

"Alright, you promised me money, and you promised me answers. And don't try anything funny."

"Here's the money." She handed him a stack of bills. He counted them, which annoyed her. "Hello? Why on Earth would I cheat you? Money is not a problem for me, and you know it."

"My family needs this, badly. Now give me answers. Why did you want me to sabotage the boat?"

"My mum was the one who pushed the other woman off the boat. That first incident that happened last month. I know she did because she told me so. I don't know why she did it, though. She's just been a bit weird since she's been taking this medication."

"So... you had to kill all 6 members of the club?"

"Who knows who saw my mum push the woman off! I needed to get rid of all witnesses, and I had to get rid of her before she killed someone else or told someone what she'd done out of fear or guilt or whatever. She would have been hanged and shame would be brought upon our family."

She said the last words haughtily. Everyone knew her father. Owner of the most successful bank in all of England. She was not going to let that change. 

"You're crazy," The man muttered, walking off.

"You know it's not my choice! I had to do it!" Carla yelled after him, but he wasn't listening. 

Tears sprang back into her eyes, and she stormed off in the other direction to comfort the blond boy again.
For winterwolf0100's awesome contest! 


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