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Not Your Father #CuriousWriters2019

November 15, 2019


They had captured her. Natalia did not go down quietly; she howled and clawed like a savage animal. However, it wasn’t enough. She was beaten, bruised and bloody when her ankles were was cuffed to the cold, cold floor. Natalia’s body ached; it was foreign, almost as if the stitchings between her physical and incorporeal being had been torn apart. 

“Alexei, you aren’t your father!” Natalia’s shirt was torn, her once-grey trousers stained and slashed to ribbons. The sharp, uneven slabs of quarried rock dug into her already bruised knees; blood pooled around her. The chateau sang with spilt blood and the instruments of war thrummed and vibrated with barely contained eagerness.

“Oh? But I am. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, no?” he paused, “it was inevitable, you know.” Natalia scowled and shifted her scathing gaze onto the unforgiving stone instead. The room is unlit save for the irate inferno in the hearth. Alexei lounged in the chaise like a prowling panther, relaxed yet poised for action. The light emitted from the blaze set his beautiful features aflame. The pressed and starched uniform he had once so proudly displayed to her was still sharp, all clean-cut edges of black lined with gold thread. Burnished gold buttons glinted as he shifted his position every-so-often. His hair was askew, wild and untamed. The guerrilla attacks early that morning had caught his forces unawares. They knew better now.

A barely audible boom sounded, no reason to be startled; however, the sheer strength of the battle cannon rattled the stone foundations. The fire flickered and leapt as bottles of potions and brews fell from the shelves and shattered over the floorboards, psychedelic rainbow liquids mixing into deadly toxins. 

Alexei stood abruptly and walked across her line of sight, tall gleaming boots. Natalia glared darkly at the boots; her eyes were gold and furious. Soon enough, she could make out the sound of fabrics rustling and a musket being checked and loaded. She grit her teeth, straining to free her bound wrists. Natalia twisted her hands frantically, her wrists raw and blistering as russet strands from her ruined braid fell over her forehead.

“Please, Alexei. Please,” she begged, tears beginning to streak her gunpowder smudged complexion. The heavy wood door swings open with a rusty shriek. Though she could not see his face, Alexei paused and looked at her trembling figure. His handsome features were painted in a mask of indifference and cold, yet his brown eyes softened a fraction as he remembered what they’d been through.

“You know it’s not my choice, Natalia.” Alexei stalked over the threshold of the only exit and shut the ancient door gently—far more gentle than she thought he was capable of. A moment passed before a dull clink announced the presence of a key. Alexei was going to lock her in this goddamn room while he ordered her world to be blown to smithereens.

“You know you have a choice. Destiny is not preexistent. You have a choice, Alexei! A choice!” Natalia cried toward the foot of the closed door, hoping that he had heard her words. But he was gone. All that was left was silence. Absolute silence.
Finished: (15/11/2019 6:35PM)

Thank you to @winterwolf0100 for hosting! I really enjoyed writing this piece!


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  • ajamwal

    wow, you are a wonderful writer

    almost 2 years ago
  • winterwolf0100

    :o Oh my gosh! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Okay, I'll keep this short, but I'm ranking pieces currently! Thank you so much for entering!

    almost 2 years ago