Alexus Marsh

United States

Things that make me happy

November 15, 2019


My dog makes me happy because she is always there, and happy.
My phone makes me happy because its what i like to do in my free time.
My mom makes me happy because shes always helping me and taking care of things.
my boyfriend makes me happy because he's my best friend.
My family make me happy because there a good support.
My home makes me happy because its comfortable
My grades are good so they make me proud.
My cat is super playful.
My friends also have my back and we have fun together.
Mcdonaldes is one of my fav food places.
Disney plus has childhood shows i grew up watching.
My room is creative and hopeful.
My bed is where i spend alot of time.
My boyfriends family is always super sweet to me.
My niece, is beautiful.
My brother and i get along well.
My car gets me to and from places.
Christmas brings everyone together.
Halloween is spooky.
My life is great. 
This is my draft as a peom.


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