these are my letters
to myself.

Message to Readers

Sorry guys I haven't written anything in a while. Life has been so hectic. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some stuff done in these holidays.


November 15, 2019


I walk on the edge of the water
The rim of the sea
That dip in the ocean
Where heaven and horizon meet
This water is a mirror of the sun
In blue against blue
The waves are endlessly unique
Like a tongue cutting teeth
A blister to split
To swallow my secret
Like jumping in too deep
The disciples made of marble
They are judging
Sinking to decide
The placement of the continental reef
And these islands
Are indistinguishable
Like a sand grain on the beach
I try
Like a kite captured by the breeze
To divine from that shimmering
Below in infinity
If I meant anything
Or if it meant anything to me.


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1 Comment
  • jaii

    truly beautiful.

    11 months ago