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June 14, 2017

PROMPT: All Talk

It's been a while since we've sat up here, Mason.
It has been, last time we sat in this tree was when we were just kids.
Do you remember when it would start to get dark and Mum would yell out from halfway across the field, "Riley, Mason, you two boys get in here right now!"
Yeah that was pretty funny, and Charlotte would be acting like a goody two shoes inside.
She always had a one leg up from us, the lucky little golden girl.
You can say that again.

What are you thinking about?
...A lot of things.
It must be something serious, you don't make that face very often.
How do I tell her?
Tell who?
You know who.
Tell her what?
You also know what.
Come on, if you can't say it directly to me now, how will you ever tell her?
I don't know...
How about I pretend to be Mum? You wanted to talk to me Riley?
Now you just sound like Miss Piggy.
Not far from the truth.
If Mum was here right now she would wallop you, and me.
Don't say that, you know what Mum is like, she's a bit hard on the outside, but on the inside she's soft.

Come on, you be you and I'll be Mum.
Riley did you want to talk to me?
Yeah, I have something I've been meaning to tell you for a while.
Don't tell me you quit the soccer team? You're so good.
I'm not on the soccer team Mason.
Then what team are you on?
The cricket team. 
Are you really?
Nah, I'm just kidding with you.
You are quite a terrible brother.
Yes, sorry.
Ahem, just tell me Riley, you know you can speak to me.
Don't look at me like that Mason.
Like what?
Like Mum, she has those goddamn soft eyes that make me feel guilty.
You don't need to feel guilty. 
I know. 
Riley? What's going on?
Mum, you love me right?
Of course.
No matter what?
Riley, what are you getting at?
Mum I'm gay. 

See? You can tell Mum.
But you're not Mum.
No, but I acted like her. It's going to be okay Riley, she will accept just like I do, just like Charlotte does. Truth be known she already figured it out knowing our Mother. 
It's going to be okay Riley, it really is.
I know, and I know you will never turn your back on me.
Never, that's what brothers are for. I will always be there for you, we will always be best friends. 
I hope the world grants us that.
Come on, we better hop down before Mum yells at us again like we are kids again.
Race you?
You know me too well.
Ready, set, go! 

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