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I've always felt that a complete stranger can connect to your work so much better than the closest to your heart. Please read through my pieces and let me know how you feel! I would love to hear from you guys!


November 17, 2019


My hands were bleeding,
But they didn't care,
As I bent alone,
To pick up your pieces to try and put you back together.
But no one told me that when glass breaks the chipped parts will never heal,
Because those broken bits flee and hide in the darkness.
And everyone told me that while trying to piece you together, 
Your colors would fade,
That you wouldn't want to show yourself, cracks and all.
But they didn't see that they were window panes and you were,
Stained glass.
And so I put you together and showed them that, 
Your colors were brighter and you darling, were beautiful.
Because you revealed yourself to the light once more,
And your cracks, 
They let the sunshine pass through.


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