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the delicacy i strive to write with serves to hide the fact im permanently yelling
summer is a feeling i hope draws near soon~

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there won't be a ripple in the pond, or so thought the lovestruck fisherman

December 6, 2019


cliches of stars
or souls
or doves
which can’t reciprocate,
i’m seen a wolfish fisherman
and you who took my bait
the moon-milk pond your face did glow
refraction dares do kiss
i’m but a humble fisherman 
and you, 
my moon amiss.
the tides do ebb this humble pond
the tides do ebb and flow
beside me, a thought of, herring, you, someone i shant let go;
your scales they tell another tale, than those who bid us woe.
a catch of you, my livings met, a trade i’ll need no more
a fisherman whose day is done, in juncture past the flow
if id to bare this simple pond
shant total near your glow
if this is abnormality
then why would one comply?
i throw away all eloquence
for you, my lovely sky.
i wish to lay facing your side
and share our tackle hearts, 
for us two simple fishermen
together till’ we die.
for you my sky,
my love,
my cry,
the milky pond you’ve kissed
it’s only you
it’s only me...
...donned sense of sight we missed
a lilly floats within our pond, whereafter we believe
the two of us devotion lay,
your countenance glows free
a poem does no justice, seen a misfit pair as we,
two men live who live in terror, fear of others who can see.
acceptance is a fickle dear, i write her still and still
i hope, one day, 
one fateful day
your face glows fear distilled
two fisherman upon the bank
two men viewed un-amiss
two fishermen upon the bank
could share a moonlit kiss
LGBTQ+ acceptance is growing as of late and it truly is a wonderful thing, however, the overall view of it still causes ostracisation and pain within members of the community. I hope for this piece to be a hopeful reminder that the view of people within that community or those who identify with queerness if they keep striving, can one day blend seemlesly with the public.


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  • Anha

    guess who i gave a shoutout~
    i'm a woman of my word, nothing less.

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    fantastic work - your language is exquisite in this piece! i'll definitely be giving it a shoutout in the future.

    over 1 year ago