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On A Bed of Self Loathing

March 23, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?

When tears were ripping down the faces of peers like daggers,

When exultation filled stomachs and fueled giggles,

When your friends were enjoying meals, free of restrictive thoughts, 

When others consumed their calories in flavorful liquids without the fear of sacrificing their bodies to obesity, 

When unbeknownst noodles and dishes slipped into regularly exercised mouths like automated robotics,

And when experiences were zipping by like birds without your presence. 


You were lying in your bed of hatred, chewing on your gums and gathering your feeble strength to exercise to exhaustion. 

Your organs were screaming out for any bit of physical nutrition and mental stimulation outside of your home, but your mentality ordered you to procure a perfectly constructed body. 

You remained a dormant, stagnant bat that hide from the glowing light of others and feared the growing voices in your head that controlled each of your subtle movements. 

You were missing out on simple moments because you desired an impossible notion of restraint. 

Where were you?



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