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Okay so this is a story I came up with just out of the blue. Please let me know what you think, and if anything needs to be changed/reworded, thanks a bunch!!
Please I really need/want feedback on this!!!! :D

The Wilde Sisters

November 20, 2019

"Willa! Willa!"
Poppy burst full speed out of the bushes near the well. "I found black berries!" She bent over gasping for breath, a bulging checkered cloth clutched in her hand. 
Willa looked over from collecting the well water.
"We can make pie now!" Poppy beamed, "and we could trade it at the market tomorrow for something fantastic like a slingshot, or-or a stack of books, oh or a Hippo! I read about those in the newspaper, maeby someone will have one!" She giggled and started skipping around her sister, singing about he new pet Hippo to-be. 

Willa smiled and nodded her head. "You know, I bet we could get something good for one of our pies," she knelt in front of Poppy. " But we will need lots more berries."

A few minutes later, with baskets in each hand, the two girls arrived at a grassy bluff.
" There! Just beyond that tree are tons of berry bushes!" Poppy exclaimed. "C'mon!" She pulled Willa through the tall grasses and around the tree to where indeed there were plenty of bushes chock full of the tangy purple berries they loved so much.

The sun was hanging low in the sky when they returned home, baskets overflowing with wild goodness. 
Zuri was watching the sky from her favorite place, tucked into the topmost branches of their home-tree, when she saw them coming.
"Poppy, Willa, your back! Did you get the berries?" 
"Yeah!" Willa replied.
"We got all the berries!" Poppy added, a glorious twinkle in her eye.

Zuri grinned. "Great! I'll be down in just a minute, the stars were about to tell me something."
Willa smiled as she watched her sister turn back to the sky, eyes closed and mind open. No one really understood how, but the stars did seem to talk to Zuri.

" Why don't the stars talk to me? How come only Zuri?" Poppy complained. 
"Maeby, because she knows how to listen to them." Willa replied thoughtfully. "Maeby, they are always talking, but we just haven't learned to listen to them like her." 
Poppy mulled over this as they walked to the tree. " Maeby..." She thought. "Maeby..."

Once inside, they found Lula cuddled up by the window, a book in one hand and a mug of tea in the other. "Hello again, Sisters." She said, briefly taking her eyes from the page. "How did it go?"
They held up their baskets, like trophies, in the air.
"Ta-da!" They said in unison. 
Lula smiled. " Why that's great! I bet there are enough berries there for two, no three pies!" She stood up. " and I'll help you bake them."

Soon the kitchen was full of laughter and flour. Pie dough was rolled out and cut, the berries were mashed up and cooked into a paste, and the oven was fired up.

As they waited for the oven to reach the perfect temperature, Willa regaled her sisters with stories of baking with Momma and Pappa, their minds absorbing every single detail in hopes of piecing together any small memories they might have of their parents.
The mood was warm and happy as they sat at the table talking, but when Zuri came in from her stargazing and they saw the look on her face, that feeling was washed from the room.

Willa stood from the table. "Zuri, what is it? What's wrong?" 
Zuri was silent for a moment, her eyes roving over the room and her sisters faces. Finally, " I'm not sure. I-I mean it can't be, can it?" She paused. " But the stars never lie..."
So in case it's not clear (is it?) 
Backstory time!!!
These four girls are sisters. They live in a house built into a tree...( a treehouse if you will) that their parents build for their family before they mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. The girls have taken care of the house and each other since, hoping one day their parents might come home.

also its 12:20 am so ..... :D


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