Peer Review by Kii (United States)

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It's just my opinion

By: Miloe

PROMPT: Your View

  1. Water has a taste depending on the source. City water tastes metallic, river water tasted like rocks, tap water is disgusting,  and well water is the best.
  2. There is no such thing as a bad artist, if making art makes you happy do it. This goes for all arts
  3. You should respect people's pronouns no matter what.
  4. You should respect other's choices on who to love. 
  5. Hating someone is a waste of time, it takes to much energy, and you end up giving them more attention than they deserve.
  6. Nobody can pull of hot pink eyeshadow
  7. You should not be asked to define yourself, because a definition excludes the possibility of change.
  8. There is no such thing as a bad dog 
  9. You are worthy, whatever that means to you
  10. There is always someone out there who cares and will notice when you're gone.

Get ready for discourse my dudes

Peer Review

I liked the first opinion and instantly it grabbed my attention. I would definitely be interested in reading about water and seeing how the author would shape it. Throughout, the whole list it mentions a lot about identity and I could feel the passion from it.

Opinion number 9 also definitely caught my interest. A statement that truly needs to be told to everyone.

Reviewer Comments

I can relate and agree with many of these given opinions and I would love to hear more of these in detail.