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May 20, 2016

PROMPT: Band Name

The duo was always out of place in school. The British golden locked lass and the Asian raven haired girl were the oddballs and were casually made fun of when they turned their backs to leave, especially for their eccentricities. They were hardcore nerds- and weren't shy to share their unironic enthusiasm for their passions and prides: being Superwholocks, wannabe scientists (Sam the golden girl dreamt solely of becoming an R&D chemist; Cass was monogamous to the field of astronomy), and philosphophy lovers. Their quirky personalities, which complimented each other in beautiful harmony, and shared love of science made them soul mates.

Especially in music. Quarky Cacti is a platform for them to share who they are with the world. They write and sing originals mostly, which are of the same mix of songs by artists such as Dodie Clark, Hank Green, The Perfect Strangers, Harry and the Potters and Rusty Clanton. They don't use many instruments- if any- only a ukelele here, a guitar there and the ocassional harpsicord; all played by Cass. Sam is the main vocal, Cass usually adds texture and harmonises to her voice. 

Whilst many make fun of who they are, nobody is able to mock their musical talents. They have a Youtube channel of the same name, which has over 7 million subscribers. They have even gone on tour and sold out, donating 50% of the profits toseveral charities such as the Harry Potter Alliance, Project 4 Awesome, Random Acts, GISHWHES etc. 

The duo chose quarky cacti because firstly quirky and cacti were both weird things (cacti was also prickly, which was what they became if either had heard someone else call the other names- don't mess with their besties), and secondly, quarks. 


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