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my first kiss

March 23, 2015



Rainy night, hard day, study, work and thinking about you. I never thought I would do that, I never thought you would do that. I mistakly loved you I shouldn't do that it was stupid but I couldn't prevent my self, I couldn't control my feelings, I just wanted you, wanted myself betwen your eyes your lips touching mine your hand holding mine. It was a rainy day, I looked at your eyes bright like a star from the tears inside, I liked a little but it hurt me inside, you asked if you could kiss me and I nodded "yes" it felt like heaven when your lips joined my lips I felt so hard so hot in this cold weather I loved you more and it kills me inside however I keep kissing you because I wanted too suddenly you stopped in this moment I realized how faithful you are I may hurted but never regret it maybe I am regrets that I love you but I never regret being with you if you are not my love you are my friend maybe I will suffer but I will get used to it


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