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The Man And His Bone China Dolls

November 17, 2019

On a dark and slightly windy Halloween night, with a full moon, Bella was preparing for the trick-or-treaters to approach her door. She was preparing the candy in its respective bowls. She did this every Halloween in preparation for the many kids to come. All of a sudden, the light flickered on, as if the ghost of the house was trying to prepare itself for the night to come. Bella has known of this ghost for a while. Little does she know that it is not one ghost but two. The ghosts are also children that Bella used to know very well. The light then flickered off, as if the ghosts were prepared for the night. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang and Bella composed herself, knowing it was the trick-or-treaters coming to expand their candy stash. She opens the door to see a few children dressed up. There are two girl ghosts, a very life-like mummy and one older-aged boy, who was not dressed up. Bella lets the children choose from the candy bowls and gives a few pieces to the older boy. The children skip down the steps and begin to run to the next house, as the older boy yells at them to slow down and wait up. 
The children slow down as the older boy races to catch up with them. All of a sudden, the mummy boy points to something in the gutter. The older boy reaches down to examine what the mummy boy is looking at. To the older boy, it looks like one of those old bone china dolls which his grandmother used to own. He sees the face of a girl he used to know etched into the doll. He knows exactly where this doll belongs, but he is afraid that the woman in that house now, has no clue that this is her daughter’s face etched into the doll. 
After an hour or two, Bella finally was out of candy. She decided that she wanted to figure out who the ghost in the house was (She still has no clue that there are two ghosts). Slowly and elegantly, Bella climbs the stairs, unknowing of the information that lies upstairs. She is completely oblivious to the fact, that the house that she resides in, is the same one that holds her dead daughters’ ghosts. She knows nothing of what happened to them after she left them with her ex-boyfriend, who left her after she was pregnant with them. 
Finally, she arrives on the second floor, of the familiar and sorrow-filled house. She sees only 4 doors unsure of where each one leads. She has no clue that the information she will discover will only lead to bad places.
The older boy carefully carries the doll back to the house. He wishes that he could keep the doll, for the girl’s face etched in it, was the girl that was his first love. He knows that whatever happened to make this girl leave had to be so terrible. He so dearly wishes that the girl’s fate was happier. The girl’s name was Rose Lee Maphis. She was truly the one girl that the boy would never get over. 
Rose’s mother, Bella, walks into her daughter Crown’s room. Bella looks around and suddenly her eyes catch a glimpse of a familiar feature etched into a doll, which lies on Crown’s bed. Bella walks slowly and regretfully over to the bed and sits down. She carefully examines the doll and recognizes so many of her daughter’s beautiful features in it. Bella also realizes that the doll isn't just a normal doll. The doll is made of bone china. She knows this because her mother once had a large collection of bone china. 
The boy regretfully places the doll on the front steps. He knows and is afraid that this will be the last time that he can see Rose’s beauty. The boy examines every inch of the doll and finally pulls it into his embrace. He then kisses its cold and rose-colored lips. Then all of a sudden, the doll’s head falls back, as if on a hinge. The boy, so unsure of why this happened, and afraid he broke it peers inside. He sees a rose-colored bag and three letters. He knows that he shouldn’t peek but he can’t help it. He needs to know what happened to his beautiful Rose. 
Bella traces over every inch of the doll and the tears that she has held in escape her eyes. She knows what this is made of and who made it. She knows that both her daughters are gone. Her daughters, Rose Lee Maphis and Crown Lily Maphis are gone because she left them at the doorstep of their father. Slowly and effortlessly, Bella places a kiss on the doll’s forehead and its whole head swings back. Bella sees only two letters inside and a pinkish-silvery bag . She knows that she shouldn’t look but she wants to see if her suspicions are true. 
The boy slowly pulls the letters and the bag out. He is afraid of what is in the bag because he knows that the process of making bone china only takes a little bit of ash. If he hasn’t seen Rose, in at least 6 months then she must be gone. So he opts to read the letters first. He looks at the front of each letter and one is addressed to someone named Bella, in foreign handwriting. The other is addressed to Bella in Rose’s handwriting. The final letter is addressed to him in Rose’s handwriting. 
The letter reads: My dear Jack, You know that I have always adored everything about you. From your kind and loving heart to the adornment of freckles on your face, everything about you has astounded me. I know that you will wonder what happened to me until I tell you. Sadly, I won’t be able to. My father has decided that there is a better life for me, elsewhere. I am afraid that you won’t ever see me again. For the things, my father's plans, are very unholy and unrighteous. You are still my only love Jack. I am so sorry for the things that my father has done. So, my dear Jack, this is my final goodbye, but don’t you ever forget that I will always be with you and I love you. Goodbye, my love. 
The boy feels the tears streaming down his face. 
Bella pulls the letters out and sees her name addressed upon both of them. She recognizes one of the handwriting as her ex-boyfriends. The other, she is unsure of who it belongs too. She hopes that it might be from Crown. 
She opens the one with foreign handwriting first. For if it is bad the other cannot be much worse, but if it is good then it can only get worse. 
The letter reads: Dear Mom, I am afraid that father has taken a turn for the worse. He is now showing us his plans for us. All because Rose and I just wanted to know if you were ever coming back. His plans are of true evil and I cannot call for help because no one will listen. Rose has a boyfriend now and he is so kind to me. I like this girl too. Her name is Ivy. Father says that we are only children and cannot understand the meaning of love. He doesn’t know that the love I feel for Ivy is much deeper than friends. I am afraid that he will only turn for the worse if I tell him. I have told Rose and she said that as long as I am happy then nothing else matters. Ivy is also Rose’s boyfriend’s sister. Dad is reading this over my shoulder, Mom. I have to go. So I guess this is the end of everything. I love you so much, mom. I have always loved you more than dad even if I don’t know you. Goodbye, mom. 
Bella slowly whispers to the air, “Crown, I know what happened to you and your sister. But besides the point, I accept you, for who you love and what you have tried to do.”
The boy sets the bag and Bella’s letters back into the doll. He wants to keep his, as a final thing from Rose. He shuts the doll’s head and carefully picks it up. He knows that he has to hand-deliver this to the owner of this house. He wants to keep what is left of Rose safe. So, he knocks on the door, hoping the woman from earlier answers.  
Bella stands up, as she hears the doorbell ring. She knows that it cannot be trick-or-treaters. The only thing on her mind is if Crown has a doll, then where is Rose’s doll? Bella slowly and solemnly descends the staircase. Finally, she reaches the door, still stuck in the sadness and the million questions in her mind. 
The boy hears someone walking near the door. He hopes the woman that lives at least knows Bella, for he must get the doll to her. 
Bella slowly and unsurely opens the door. She knows that someone must be here to tell her something or deliver something. Bella is so caught up in herself she doesn’t know that she has held the door open for a few minutes, staring out into the night.
“Excuse me, ma’am. My name is Jack Perth. I knew your daughter rose. She was my girlfriend. I need to talk to you about Rose and Crown too. Ma’am? Please let me in. We have a lot to talk about. Ma’am, please!!
Bella finally comes back to the real world and sees the boy at her step. “Why are you here?” She asks. 
“Ma’am. My name is Jack Perth. I knew your daughter Rose. She was my girlfriend. I need to talk to you about her and Crown too.” Jack replies.
“My dear boy, you must feel so much hurt for what happened to your dear girlfriend. Please come in. I have many questions for you.” Bella says to him in a gentle tone. 
“Thank you. I also have a few questions of my own.” Jack says as he enters the room. 
    All of a sudden, both Jack and Bella hear steps coming up the stairs from the basement. They both look at each other in fear. Finally, the door of the basement opens to reveal Rose and Crown’s father. 
    “I see that you two have met. I am so glad. Now you both can suffer, as they have and as I have. Please come join me in the basement. There is so much for me to do to prepare you.” The man says.
    “What? Wait! No, we can’t go with you.” They both exclaimed in protest. 
    “You can and you will. For it is your time to die.” The man says.
    “WAIT!! WHAT?!?!” They both scream at the top of their lungs. 
    The man grabs them both by the arm and throws them down into the basement. They both scream in protest until their heads hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs. They are dead. It is now time for the man to do his work. 
    He takes them to his work table and does surgery to remove every single one of each of their bones. The man is so pleased that his work is coming along this well. He puts the bones of Bella into the kiln first. Once hers are complete he mixes them with china. The extra bone ash he puts into a turquoise bag. 
    Next, he puts Jack’s bones into the kiln. Then mixes Jack’s bones with another set of china. Once the china is set, he paints Bella’s face into her bone china doll and mixes her bone ashes and the rest of her ashes in the bag and sets the bag into the doll.
    Once Jack’s china is set, he paints Jack’s face onto Jack’s doll and puts all his ashes into the bag, which he sets in the doll. 
    He takes their dolls and walks upstairs. He unlocks the gun safe and pulls out his pistol, which he bought for this occasion. He walks upstairs and grabs Rose and Crown’s dolls and walks back downstairs. He sets all the dolls on the couch and puts himself in the middle of them. Bella and Crown on one side and Rose and Jack on the other. He forgets that he made Ivy a doll too and walks downstairs to retrieve it. He places Ivy’s doll in place of Bella’s doll and sits Bella’s doll on his lap. 
    This is the man's last day and the suffereing of the town and it's people is finally over. 

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