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Hello everyone! I'm Alliyah. Writing is my passion. I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. I also love nature, reading, making people laugh, playing sports, photography and art.

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Writing is my passion--fiction is my specialty. And my goal is to improve on both.
All my writing is clean--that means no swearing, etc.
Also, if you are interested, I post on Wattpad (@alliyahwriting) and Prose (Alliyah). If you like what you see here--feel free to check those out too!
Thanks for all the support and reviews! -Alliyah

Steadfast Excerpt

November 20, 2019

    Summer has a distinct smell.
    It’s the track and field smell—only stronger. That was part of the reason why I loved summer so much. 
    Summer smelt like warm grass and black-top tracks baking in the sun. It smelled faintly like chlorine and fried food; like overcooked flowers and sunscreen and new shoes. 
    The smell of summer was all around us as we pounded down the track. The smell of sweat lingered faintly in the air as well, brought on by the California sun that beat down upon our backs.     
    Saige, Reyna and I were crouching at the start line, preparing for our sixth rep of a 60m acceleration. 
    I was frozen in place, waiting for the sound of Carter’s  voice: the signal to shoot out of my four-point position and into a sprint. I stared down at the black rubber of the track, felt it pressing into my fingertips, my knees. Every muscle felt tight, tense, ready to run. The pain in my leg had faded to a manageable throb. 
    Carter bellowed, “Set!” and I could almost feel the vibrations of it. 
    I pushed my hips skyward from my position in the blocks. I leaned forward, pressing my weight into my fingertips, and the balls of my feet. A gentle tremor raced up my legs and down my arms. I could hear heavy breathing beside me; my own heartbeat in my chest was unnaturally loud. 
    Thud. Thud. Thud. 
    I counted my heartbeats. 
    A sound interrupted them—a loud clap that represented the start gun. 
    Everything blurred except for the black rubber track in front of me. 
    I shot from the blocks with powerful strides. My feet slammed into the track, boosting me forward. No one was in my peripheral. 
    It was just me running. Me and the California sun and the blue, blue sky cheering me on in its quiet way.
    The 60m mark came up to meet me and I passed it. My spikes ground into the track as I decelerated gradually. Pain flared in my shin and I grimaced. A few quick breaths and it was gone. I whirled around, running my hand over my face once to brush away the sweat that clung to my brow. Saige and Reyna were beside me, still breathing hard. 
    “Talia—Whoa,” Reyna said, breathlessly. She pushed the hair out of her eyes, combing it straight back with her fingers and holding it there. Both of her hands interlaced, resting on the top of her head, fingers tangled in strands of her dark hair. “A rough start?” 
    I nodded and squinted at her through the sun. “Yeah. Was it that obvious?” 
    Reyna laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that close to you in a race.” I must’ve looked bothered because Reyna amended her statement quickly. “It’s fine, Tal. We all have bad starts.” 
    “Yeah,” I said, distractedly. My start hadn’t been slow at all. 
    Saige slapped me on the back. “Fix that start and you—” Saige grinned broadly. “—you’re going to slay this year, girl.” 
    I felt a knot growing in my stomach. “Yeah,” I repeated, barely managing the word. 
    She seemed satisfied by that, turning away and fiddling with her hair for the millionth time. “I’m getting burnt as I stand here,” She muttered. 
    Out of sight, I took a shaky breath and told myself to get it together. I forced a laugh as I walked past her. “Sorry. Can’t relate.” 
    Saige pulled face and I stuck out my tongue at her.     
    “It is getting hot,” Reyna said, jogging a few steps to catch up with the two of us. 
    “Two more reps and then—” I started. 
    Saige cut me off. “—Then we can get smoothies.” 
    Reyna smiled, wistfully. “I’m so hungry.” 
    “Yeah,” I resisted the urge to reach down and rub my shin bone.    
    We walked along the track, towards the start line where Carter and Jaedyn were adjusting the blocks for their rep. 
    “Tal, are you okay?” Reyna asked,interrupting my thoughts. My heart skipped a beat. 
    I looked over my shoulder. “Yeah." I said, my response almost too quick. "Yeah. Why?” Suspicion crept into my voice. 
    There was an awful silence that made my heart race. I swallowed. My throat felt dry. 
    “You’re—You look like you’re limping, Tal.” 
    “Really?” I said, trying to make my voice sound innocent. If I just ignored the pain… It was just a little injury. Nothing serious.
    “You’re limping.” Saige’s voice was more certain than Reyna’s. She had fallen back a step, walking shoulder to shoulder with Reyna, behind me. 
    The sound of footsteps on the track pounding in my ears. A hand latched onto my arm, pulling my to a stop. Saige dug her fingers into my arm, nails pressing into my skin—almost painful. 
    “Are you all right?” Saige’s voice shook a little. I swallowed. There was a hard lump in my throat. I could feel Reyna’s stare on my face, warm and uncomfortable. 
    “Talia?” Reyna’s voice, this time. 
    Worry twisted in my gut. 
    Usually injuries weren’t a big deal. I iced, I rested and then I attacked the track harder. But this felt different. There was a lump growing in me—a knot of worry and pain. 
    Quite literally. 
    I tried to say ‘I’m fine’ but my tongue was too dry and my mouth wasn’t obeying the commands that my brain was firing off. 
    At the start line, Carter and Jaedyn seemed to have noticed that something was off. They stood up and started moving toward us, confusion clear on their faces. 
    “Talia? What’s going on?” Reyna was standing in front of me, I noticed. I hadn’t seen her move. 
    “Nothing, I—” 
    I’m in pain.
    I think that there’s something wrong.     
    What was I supposed to say? To do? Lie? Brush it off as nothing? Pretend that everything was okay?
    I swallowed down the bile in my throat for the millionth time that day. “I...I have something that I should probably tell you.” 


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