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This is something I like to call a "syllable poem," where the syllables of certain lines correspond.
I hope you enjoy!
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December 21, 2019


No matter what, I can never keep my mind on what 
I am supposed to be doing.
I like to drift off into some other world
so I can look inside myself.

I look inside and then I see 
all the things I've aspired to be. 
The athlete. The movie star. The
writer. The rockstar. The millionaire.

They bring back memories of 
my carefree childhood.
They show me what I was like
all those years ago.

They lead me down a winding road
That can only once be journeyed
But how I long to break that rule,
And go back to that simpler time.

Some of those dreams of childhood
have long been dead.
They lost their way on the path
to adulthood. 

Some I gave up because I 
needed to make room
for the things I truly love.

Others somehow find the will to fight on. 
They burn inside me right now 
And I chase after them with all my heart.


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1 Comment
  • Artburger

    Wow. I'm normally not a poem person but this is relatable and you don't have to think too much so you can just enjoy it. :)

    9 months ago