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Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm 18 years old and a 110% fangirl. I'm also a sports girl doing football, netball, rounders etc. every week.
The job I will pursue, once I leave school, is a publisher or editor; however I dream to become an Author. I'll always write, I'll never stop writing. It's my dream to publish.

The Wanderers

May 19, 2016

PROMPT: Band Name

The Wanderers are a very powerful band that consists of four males and a female. The female is the main vocalist and each male either plays an instrument, is a background singer or both. Instruments played by the band include bass guitar, piano, drums and many more. The Wanderers play indie music like Mumford and Sons. This means the songs are very upbeat though the lyrics may not be. The Wanderers is a band that writes their own songs and you know that because no one who sells songs for money could write them. 

They play their songs to be heard by those who may have been through rough patches in their lives, they try and reach out to people's hearts. Not all the songs are about relationships—they have different stories to tell like life in high school, their first fight or family life going wrong. They put so much emotion into what they write—it's unbelievable. The lyrics either make you cry, smile or laugh and that could just be for one song! The lyrics carry out loads of messages to individuals, they are not meant for anyone in particular because each message changes. The use of wordplay in the songs make listeners interpret the messages differently. This is what is so loving about the songs that The Wanderers sing. 

You cannot define what era the band come from because they are only in their early twenties but they are trying to reach out to so many different audiences. They love the sound of 1980s songs as much as 1950s songs. They try and keep within the era they are in but that's only because some songs are meant for it. You can't find anything that defines why you listen to each song, yet you listen because you are hooked to it. If you could find put your finger onto what hooks you into the music, you would; however you can't.


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