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Art Class

November 19, 2019

    “You’re gonna do fine.” she said. 
    I knew it wasn’t true, even then, and I don’t think the principal believed it either. I’m a gym teacher and apparently, this school has too many of those. I know, it seems as likely as a school having too much funding for it’s board to handle but it’s true. They interviewed five of us and couldn’t decide so they picked the worst option, all of us. They eventually realized they didn’t have any use for all of us but not until two days before school started. They had already hired us so they had to use us for something. So, hi, I’m John, Reeves, the brand new Maple Park Elementary School art teacher, and I have nothing prepared. I thought I was a cultured person until that class of thirty two seven-year-olds walked through the door. I am not a cultured man.
“W-welcome. I’m Mr. Reeves. Welcome to my… art class. Welcome, I said that already, didn’t I? Alright, I’m gonna be honest with you all… No, I won’t. I think we’ll have a lot of fun in class this year. I’ve loved the visual arts my entire life so it’s great to finally be teaching it.”
    “Wait, is this your first time teaching art?” That was when I knew this was going to be rough. They were catching on.
    ”No, of course not!” I said. I needed to dig myself out of this hole. “I’ve been very invested in art of all forms my entire life so I’m really excited to be teaching it to you, the wonderful people of Maple Park Elementary. I like talking about art that isn’t too well known because the last thing I want is for you to know more about an artist than I do, right? So we will be learning about a very talented graffiti artist known as… Beige… sy. Beigesy is a graffiti artist from northern… Canada. However, his work can be seen all over the world. In fact, you’ve probably seen a piece of his yourself.” This was a terrible thing to say. A graffiti artist who’s been all over? Kids are going to wonder why they haven’t seen his work. I had to cover my trail. “Beigesy specializes in creating rectangular murals, often filling up entire walls, that are just. Beige. And you can’t tell the difference between Beigesy and a normal beige wall. A walls just brick or some random color one day and beige the next. Now we can start working on making our own art in beigesy’s style. The important thing to remember is that no two parts of a Beigesy piece are different. Today we’ll just work on our sketches and we can do the real deal next class.”
    “How do we know any of this is true?”
    “What? Of course it’s real” This is a smart kid. She’ll figure it all out eventually
    “It’s just that their name is an obvious copy of Banksy and beige walls are everywhere. It sounds sloppily improvised.”
    “Alright. I can prove it to you. This Friday, we’re going on a field trip.” The next day, I scouted out especially suspicious looking walls for the field trip; One on Second Street, another on Jefferson, one more on Campbell. Oh yeah, It was all coming together. We dealt with permission slips and on Friday, we were on our way. I had to really overdo it to get the kids on board.
    “Isn’t it beautiful?” I was able to get them, eventually. They were in awe at some of these forgotten, boring walls that no one cared about. Not only was I able to convince thirty-two people of a huge lie, I was able to bring a little joy into their lives and of that, I’m proud.


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