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Five Royal Pains.

May 19, 2016

PROMPT: Band Name

Five Royal Pains is a British high school band that quickly became a big deal after the graduation of its first three members, lead singer Elizabeth Hardy, lead guitarist Daniel Knock, and drummer Sam Andress. They all started this band as a joke to begin with, but after playing for their Prom, and even getting an offer at a studio, they started to take it seriously. Feeling the need to have more members so they could have a wider range of sound, the three took in two rookies, their bassist Charles Love, and their man who literally plays anything Zack Brown. They are well known for their rebellious, and even childish acts on and off the stage while on tour. They have been in the business for four to five years now, and focus their work on rock with a small mix of rapping.

The name Five Royal Pains is perfect for this British group because they have a name that fits so well for both their rebellious school life, as well as their childish acts on tour. They create an image for themselves through this name, one that everyone knows, even if they don’t listen to their music. According to the Spin magazine's criteria chart, the wordplay Five Royal Pains provides really makes their group pop out to fans and non-fans alike. Overall, Five Royal Pains is a good name for this rough housed, childish group.


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  • Johanna

    I love that name!!

    over 1 year ago
  • Vani Desabhotla

    I would definitely listen to a band that was called Five Royal Pains...especially if their music is what you described!! Would you mind making this band for me? I'm just kidding, but I really like the idea!

    over 4 years ago