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a war sonnet

November 12, 2019



who wins a war that's never truly fought?
whom is the victor, who falls, bled and dead?
and the swords and the shields, by many forgot,
still burn in the souls of those who lost their heads.

the scars of the battle, they are still here.
the sad faces of the ones that lost it all
and never breathed the freshest clean air
or entered with happy faces in the hall.

they would never escape the killing blow,
and their life was short and miserable.
escaped the pain they would have had to hoe,
never again would their bodies be livable.

so if you think of that past war with joy,
let me tell you, that sword is no toy.
wrote this for english. the rhythm scheme isn't right, but the rhyme and syllable count is. any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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