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I write for mainly myself.
I write about or within the head space of what I feel, which is honestly often infatuated.

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the sun and moon

November 11, 2019


your sunlight is shining in my eyes,
you're too bright for me to see through
your flaws are accompanied by a halo 
floating too high above you

i wish that someday we can fuse,
whenever you're too blue to shine anymore
my love, there's no need to fall
we run in circles suspended in lore

when morning fades and evening crawls
over this cyan sea between us,
I'll shine my stars upon dark meadows,
but you'll guide me back to sunny shadows

there's no need to cry for me
i'd die just to see a glimpse of you
for the sun and moon
may not ever touch, or ever move,
but i'll be there for you


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  • November 11, 2019 - 10:49pm (Now Viewing)

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1 Comment
  • twinkleprose

    ahh this is so beautiful
    please keep writing <3

    11 months ago