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November 19, 2019

The ground began to rumble. Everyone was in a frenzy. People where running all over the airport. An older man tripped over a cord on the ground. A mom and her child rushed out through a maintenance door. A giant crevice began to open in the ground. A child, most likely under the age of 14, tripped over the crevice and got his foot lodged in it. I look down in the crack, seeing nothing but an eternally, never-ending pit of darkness. I am carefully standing beside the neverending crack when I am strangely pulled down by an unseen force. That unseen force was a woman running for her life. She tripped over my leg and we were both shoved into the abyss.
    I felt a rush of terror inside of me as I began to plummet down this seemingly endless hole. I thought I was going to die instantly. I just kept falling. It felt like I was falling for hours, but I lost track of time the moment I tripped into this mess. All I could see around me was darkness. I thought I was dead. I thought I was in hell. I thought that this void was the end. About thirty minutes- or maybe even days- into this, I began to go crazy. Flashing colors were all around me. I had an insane headache that felt like a giant sledgehammer squishing my brain repeatedly. I began to see things. People, my family, my friends. I continued to fall. 
    An hour or two later, I began to have hope. I saw something. It looked like a window. To somewhere else. It looked very real, but it still could have been a vision. I couldn't tell at this point. I had lost my mind. I forgot what reality looked like. I tried to remember how I got here. I couldn't remember. Something about a hole. There were people, but what were people? How did they look? What were people? Is it real? Is anything real?
    I heard screaming. Was it in my head or real life? I couldn't tell. None of my senses were working. It seemed like my entire brain had shut down. I had no more hope that I was still alive. Light began to flash, quickly. My senses slammed back into me like a hard kick on my chest. I felt a sharp pain in my nose. It stunk of rotten eggs and incense. I heard a bang. It reminded me of a gunshot. I saw another window, just as realistic as the first. I saw more windows, all looking out to a different place. I felt another rush of fear as everything around me begins to flash. Everything went black.
    I woke up in a different place. I looked around. All I could see was white. In all directions. There was some furniture, a chair, a desk, a couch. I was reminded of The Matrix as I walked around, hearing nothing, and seeing only the furniture and the infinite white void around. I walked toward the furniture, terrified of whoever or whatever put me in this place. A man stood up and slowly turned around to look at me. The man was tall, bald, and older. “Hello,” he said, “take a seat.”
    “WHERE THE @*&% AM I!?” I cursed at the man. 
    “Take a seat,” He repeated.
    I flopped down on the springy couch angrily. “Where- wha- how do I get out of this place!”
    “Calm down please,” The man said. “ You seem to be very lost.”
    I kicked the chair hard, which was not a good idea. An instant jolt of sharp pain shocked through my leg and through my chest. It was like being electrocuted while breaking your toes. I immediately fell back in pain, moaning. I rolled around on the floor, my pain was immeasurable. I screamed and moaned and closed my eyes. “Goodbye,” I heard in my head.
    I opened my eyes back up and saw light. ‘I am definitely dead now,’ I thought. I couldn’t see or feel anything. Soon, more people began to appear. No one talked, they just looked around. Suddenly, another giant, black crevice appeared again in the ground. I heard distant voices. In an instant, I plummeted into the abyss. The voices got louder. I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I opened my eyes, and light rushed into them, giving me a headache. It took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to see an airport assistant standing beside me, as I lay on an airport chair. 
    “Get up,” She said, obviously annoyed, “GET. UP!”
    “Wha-wha-why,” I stuttered, still waking up.
    “Get up,” She repeated, “The airport closed an hour ago.”


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