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United States


February 26, 2020

There was once a gauntlet made by the cosmos. It came flying from the sky, the sky shooting towards earth. It was made out of steel, dipped in kerosene. It fell into an Abbey called Barnes for Builds. a young teenager named Miller found it when he was on break. He took it home that day to check it out, but on the way, he got jumped, and was thrown over a handrail into a river. He passed out midway through the air, and when he woke up, was stranded on an island far away. He decided to go inland to find shelter. After walking through the jungle for what seemed a week, he found a treehouse - far above the trees. 
    Reaching the top, he saw a figure. 
    He said, “ who are you”. There was know response. He repeated. Still no response. He finally yelled who are you. The figure stepped out of the shadows and said,``You know who I am. I am your long lost brother that disappeared three years ago. My name is Erick”.     At the fire that night Erick told Miller that he was looking for an ancient treasure of the Maya but hit a sharp rock and got stranded on an island. All of his crew died but him and his best friend Nate. Just then Nate came in with dinner that he just hunted. Erick introduced Nate to Miller. Nate jumped up and said to them that he found something on his way back, He then went out of the hut for a couple of minutes than brought back a dog. Then they all thought of ideas to name the young dog.
    They finally decided to name it Charlie. The then went to each of their houses in the treetop village they let Miller sleep in the guest house until they build a house for him. In the morning they quickly ate the leftovers from last night then they showed miller the project. The project was going to be a boat that will get them home. When they were looking for supplies for the boat, Miller told Nate and Erick that he found a gauntlet. The gauntlet was the key on getting back to Los Angeles, but they didn't know about that at the time. Miller showed them the glove when suddenly the glove started glowing brightly of all sorts of colors. It looked like that stone s where attached to it. Suddenly fire shot out of the pinky finger part of the glove then the index finger put it out fast with water. Without warning the middle finger shot out earth like lasers. When earth lasers stopped shooting they saw the big crater that the gauntlet made in the middle of the forest. They all looked at each other thinking the same thing. What other cool things can this gauntlet do.
    Miller decided to use the earth lasers to cover up the big crater they made, but he couldn't control it so it just started to build something when Miller finally pried the gauntlet off his arm he looked up at his friends. Both of their jaws were dropped all the way to the floor it seemed. Miller was thinking that his friend were overreacting but then he turned around to see a palace that he made with the gauntlet. That night they thought if they could harness the power of the gauntlet they could build a bridge back to land. That Night they brainstormed what they could make to get to the mainland. In the morning their best thought was to build a tiny boat and carry it up to a high point and make a water slide. They used the gauntlet to build water slide. When they got to a highest point before they couldn breathe, they use the gauntlet to build the slide and use the water to go down and they eventually got back to the mainland and surprised their families.


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