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сырая бабушка наслаждается вкусными кексами с укоренившимся в них человеческим кишечником


November 19, 2019

My family and I were driving to my cousin’s first birthday party. My dad had been acting very strange the entire day, especially after he came home from the Kroger near our house. I wondered what had happened to him. He was moving like his soul had been sucked out of his body, like a robot. His skin was slightly tinted blue. He looked very ill, but no one seemed to pay attention. He had murmured a couple of sentences to himself since he got home, I was very worried about him. 
His driving was quicker than usual,  he was barely able to maneuver the car without getting hit. My mom got angry at him, and yelled, “What the HELL are you doing?” He didn’t respond. My mom gave me a concerned look and began questioning him. She asked what happened and if he was okay, but he just brushed it off and whispered in a raspy voice  “B-Brains”. She began to chuckle and just figured he was just playing around, but still seemed concerned. My older sister, Jade, jokingly said that he was acting like a zombie. My father had a burst of emotion, anger steaming from his pores, his eyes dilated and he turned around and said “GULHLD” in a very aggravated tone. Jade was terrified and confused, so were the rest of us. My dad hit the gas. 
The car went flying, we were going so fast it felt like we were traveling at the speed of light. My mom yelled at the top of her lungs for him to stop trying to kill us. His eyes went back to normal, and his rage abruptly stopped, he was back to the state he was in just a couple minutes before. He mumbled something, but the rest of my family was in too much of a panic to notice. The car bounced against the road like a rubber ball. The after-effects were horrible, my little brother was knocked out from the impact. The car was almost destroyed and the ruckus caused a traffic jam. He just continued to drive as if nothing happened. We were unable to ask him to drive us to the hospital because we were all so shaken up. The rest of the drive was completely silent, my sister, my mom, and I were all trembling in fear. Other drivers on the road were giving us strange looks. 
We arrived in the parking lot at my little cousin’s birthday party. I bolted out of the car, slightly relieved that I wasn’t still in the car with that psycho. I ran to the other slide of the car and grabbed my unconscious little brother from his car seat.  I glanced down at my brother to see if he was ok. His neck looked bruised, almost purple. I shivered as a chill went down my back. We were all injured, but he was the most damaged. We just had to move forward, and get the hell away from that man. 
While my mom, my sister, and I were quickly approaching the House of Boom, I looked behind me. My father was struggling.  He seemed to be completely entranced. He had no clue how to unbuckle his seatbelt. He seemed to be back into a rage fit, the strange zombified man I had once called my father was practically trying to kill us! Again! All I thought during that moment was run. I began to sprint to the door to get help as soon as possible. I reached the entrance of House of Boom and I busted through the door. I was filled with nostalgia by the sweaty smell of the place, but this was no time for reminiscing over the past. I yelled for assistance, but no one responded. I looked around and noticed everyone had that same blue tint to their skin. I quivered in fear, they were all just like my dad. Their eyes dilated at the sight of me and my injured brother in an almost demonic way. I knew what was going to happen to my family. My sister and mother entered seconds after and evaluated the situation. I turned around and saw pure horror in their expressions. 
Out of pure instinct, I ran to the door, adrenaline rushing through my body. I yelled for my mom and my sister to follow. I was confused about why they weren’t moving an inch. The moment before I flung the door open. I saw a terrifying sight. I saw my dad’s corpse slither down the glass. His blood smeared all over the door. He looked like a different person, I could barely recognize him. His skin was a sickening green, his veins were practically popping out of him. His eyes were pitch black, he was transformed into a monster. I saw a physique of a woman behind him and was knocked unconscious from the shock of the corpse. 
    I awoke in a dark room, lying on an air mattress. There was a bit of light, I sat up and looked around. It seemed to be a nursery, with little stuffed bears and giraffe themed cribs. I looked next to me and there was my little brother, sleeping soundly. I sighed with relief.  I suddenly remembered the sight of my father. I was pissed off. Who on earth decided it would be a good idea to turn my father into a zombie! What is this, a movie? The door opened my sister and mom walked in. I sat up, they suddenly were washed over with a relieved expression. My mom rushed over to the air mattress and kneeled. She took my hand and remarked, “You look cheerful despite what happened yesterday.” and giggled. I saw a glimpse of sadness in her eye and decided to give her a hug, I was glad she was safe. My sister was still impatiently standing by the doorway and said, “Mom, I know you want to love on Vega but it’s almost lunch. We need to go to the cafeteria.” I tilted my head in confusion, “What cafeteria? I thought we were having a zombie apocalypse.” My sister and mom started to laugh, my mom got up and indicated for me to follow her. I hesitantly left the bed and followed her lead.
 After I exited the room, we entered a corridor. We walked straight forward for a bit and turned left into another hallway. We came to the end of the hallway and I began to hear a bunch of voices. There were other people that weren’t zombies! My mom opened the door where I heard the voices coming from and I saw very many eyes glancing over at me. It was a vast room with very many nice tables and smiling faces. Everyone was eating happily as like nothing had happened. It was like heaven. 
My mom began to introduce me to some people. They each noticed my confused expression and told me to not worry. We found an empty table and sat down. I have never been more confused in my entire life. What the hell. Before I could start asking questions, one of the ladies my mom had introduced me to earlier had got up on a platform, holding a microphone. She was the one who slaughtered my father. 
My mother told me as she introduced me to her earlier. She was the one who rescued us. She began to speak. “Good afternoon everyone! Pleased to meet you. I am the supervisor of this place.” She was visibly nervous, probably not used to public speaking. Her annoying voice that traveled throughout the room made me want to vomit. “As you have noticed, most of you woke up in this strange facility. Just like in the movies, a zombie virus outbreak has occurred.” The audience began to babble. I glanced over to where she was standing and she was trying to get their attention back, but she was unable to. I was relieved that I didn’t have to hear her voice for once more millisecond. She may have “rescued me”, but instead of capturing my father and trying to cure him, she relentlessly killed him. Eventually, the audience quieted down and she continued. She talked about how she was planning to eliminate the virus and rebuild civilization. It sounded like big-talk to me. I gave her a couple of death glares hoping to get the point across that I despised her. I mean why not try to cure it instead of killing off all the zombies. 
When she was finished with her announcements, I rushed over to the food. I had no time to mourn over my father and think about this devastating news that I had to live in the same facility as that moron, so instead of that, I was going to eat my heart out. While scooping some mashed potatoes into my already maxed out plate, I bumped into the announcements lady. I apologized, even though quite frankly I didn’t mean it. She asked, “Would you like to come to my office to discuss something with me?” I couldn’t say no, so obviously I agreed. 
I followed her out into the hallway with my plate. We entered the corridor from before and opened a door directly to the right. The door was eerily creaky, and this uncomfortable feeling made me realize something. There was something off about her wanting to talk to me. I blurted out “Why do you want to kill the zombies instead of finding a cure?” she seemed shocked by this question, her face turned bright red. She responded with “I know you may be feeling sad over your father’s death, but I have no bad intentions. I asked you to come with me because I want to talk about that.” This is ridiculous, I thought.  Behind the door, there was a large staircase. We ascended the stairs and reached a double-door. “This is my office,” she said while opening the door. 
The door opened to reveal a horrific sight, the zombies were all racing towards me, oozing with bloodlust. The announcements lady wasn’t going to have a friendly chat with me, she had a smirk on her face as she watched me stand there in pure fear. Her presence wasn’t gentle and sweet anymore. It was overwhelmingly evil. There were piles of dead humans, their dried up blood and guts making the room reek. Before I could even comprehend what was going on, I dropped my plate and I fell through a trapdoor. 
I felt like I was falling forever, stuck in a never-ending loop. I never even had the chance to learn if my little brother had woken up, or if anything she said in the cafeteria was true, or what her true intentions were. I had accepted defeat, it was a feeling of true misfortune. I could do nothing to save my family. I hit the bottom. I awoke in a pitch-black pit, probably the one I fell down into. I was tied up in a chair by my wrists and ankles. I felt my blood oozing from my head. It was extremely painful. A scarce light turned on in the corner of the pit, it lit up the face of her, the announcements lady. The light illuminated the room and revealed my blood splatter. I had lost an immense amount of blood. “Oh, you’re up.” she stood up and stretched. I wondered if anyone was worried about me, a streak of sweat went down my cheek. 
She began to slowly step towards the chair, I tried to release myself my wiggling with all my force. It was no use. She began to chuckle and pulled a knife from her pocket. She put the knife up against my throat. I trembled at the sight of the knife. My heart skipped a beat and I closed my eyes, preparing for death. “If you speak of this to anyone, I will kill you and your family. Understand?”, I opened my eyes and I nodded my head. “I want you and your ungrateful family to leave my sight. People who dare to give me anything but respect after I saved them, deserve nothing. I shouldn’t have saved you. If I were to travel back in time, I would have left your corpses to rot.” she smirked with that devilish smile. The room was cold, I was probably a cave. I felt the dirt floors with my dirty sneakers, and I heard distant water drops, which proved my theory. I was in a cave. “I will throw you and your family out of this facility alive if you never come into my sight again.” I was relieved that she would be releasing me and agreed to never come back. 
I knew that my family and I probably wouldn’t make it through the night. But, If that keeps my family alive for even a minute longer, I would accept it. She kicked my chair over and told me to untie it myself. It wouldn’t budge. She flipped my chair over and untied them forcefully. She demanded that I leave immediately. One of her servants led me up a staircase leading to ground level. The walk was unbearable, I was losing consciousness. My injuries from earlier were not healed and I lost a lot of blood. I fell unconscious from all of the blood loss. 
I woke up outside. My vision was blurred and I started to panic. I suddenly smelled something like rotten meat. I had been around many dead corpses since this virus had begun. I was aware of what that unpleasant scent was. I started to regain my vision and sat up. There beside me was the bodies of my mom, sister, and little brother. 
    I started to cry hysterically. I ran around checking their pulses. Their pools of blood staining my clothes. Once I reached my little brother, I felt his heart slowly beating. His injuries were fatal, he had his arm butchered and a huge opening in his head. It made me nauseous just by looking at it. His eyes slightly opened, he saw me crying. I heard him murmur something.  I listened closely and heard “Sissy, don’t cry.” He rolled his head around trying to get a look at what happened, but I put my hand behind his neck to make him stop. “Bubby, stop. Everything’s going to be okay. Mommy and sissy are in a happy place now.” I said this knowing well that everything wasn’t going to be okay. He whispered his last words with a tear in his eye, “I love you, sissy.” His eyes rolled back into his head. Leaving me there holding him. I had tears pouring out of my eyes uncontrollably, my face was swollen. I couldn’t take it anymore so I sat his head down gently and stood up. I stumbled to a nearby wall to rest, unaware of the fact that I was attracting zombies by my bloodshed. 
    I woke up feeling a burning sensation on my right leg. I opened my eyes to see a bloodthirsty zombie feasting on my leg. The zombie twitched and looked me dead in the eyes. I had to run no matter what. I was not going to let my family die in vain. I ran as far and as fast as I could, but with that leg, I wasn’t going to make it far. I collapsed after running for five minutes, I barely had escaped the zombie at first. But not too long afterward, there I was. The zombie was standing over me drooling at the sight of my leg. 
    A baseball bat knocked out the zombie and a man grabbed me. He began to sprint. I had been saved for the second time. I drifted in and out of consciousness during my trip to his cabin. I woke up with a warm towel on my head and wrapped in bandages. I closed my eyes and wished for it all to be over, or for it to be a nightmare. Unfortunately, I opened my eyes and I was still there. The man walked into the room and noticed I was awake. He asked me what my story was and I told him all of it. He had a worrisome expression after hearing it all, I guess it really sunk in. He told me he was going to help me out, and which he followed through. Here I am fifteen years later, still sitting in this cabin. He slightly reminds me of my own father. I currently live and have lived on for my family members that couldn’t live on themselves.


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  • bisexualbabie

    i CRIED this story hit me so HARD i have a two year old baby brother and he calls me sissy and that was way too real AMAZINGGGG I loved it

    about 2 years ago