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March 25, 2020


Grandmere had just left our cottage, to go get some freshly baked rolls from the boulangerie. It was a lovely day, the heavy perfumes from the flowers making me tired. I had salvaged a scrap of paper from our neighbor's outpost last week and I decided to put it to good use. With the recent German infestation, more than what was rationed to you was becoming a rare find. As the butterflies fluttered over the tulips, flying absentmindedly, I thought sadly about Odeya and how much she would relish a day such as this. She would grab my hands, pull me to my feet and say, "When God has given you something, you make sure you use it as much as you can because gifts such as these are unlikely. Come, my friend." Then, she would help Grandmere bake one of the multitudes of pies she made each month. Tears blurred my vision as I thought about my friend, how there was not one person who could even come close to the level of happiness she had. But of course, that's just another thing the dreadful war has taken from me. I'm sure that Odeya wouldn't regret being Jewish, but my heart broke as she wondered why her beloved God wasn't going to save her. I mashed my fists to my eyes, scolding myself for being so weak-minded. Odeya wouldn't want me to cry like so. I stomped inside and sat at my desk, dipping my pen in the ink. 
Dear War,
What have I done to you, that has made you despise me like so? What have I done that has caused you to feel the need to take away Papa, Mama, ma soeur Genevieve, Odeya, and Lucian? They are all harmless people, people that haven't committed a single sin worth punishing in their lives. Especially little Genevieve, who knows nothing but death and destruction, because such was the world she was born into. 

Are you a Nazi creation, War? Do you punish any soul that fights for justice and equality? Papa was an honest man, hoping to bring honor to his country and his family. And he did more than he should have. I still remember the stories he would tell to us, each night, under the stars. I remember how he told us we would never be alone, because the stars loved us, and would be there for us, no matter what. I still believe in what he said. Will you take something else away from me, just because I have beliefs?
Is it a crime to believe in something or someone, regardless of whether or not you agree, War? Odeya put immense amount of faith in her God, so you kill her because of it? What do you have against those who believe, who have faith, hope, or both? What made you fill with so much hatred that you must spread your inky veins of darkness to places of happiness? Do you find amusement in the pain and grief that has influenced my thoughts, my movements? I'm sure you are laughing as innocent, young men die on the battlefield, at the hands of the unfeeling German barbarians. They must be devoted to you, War, to commit such terrible crimes. 

Genevieve was still a baby, and yet you still took her life away. A mere child, with no thoughts of her own. Where does your courage come from, War? Where does the strength to feed Death more lives start?
Lucien was just a young man to you, his life unworthy, but to me, he was everything. He was my world. He was the reason I got up every morning, live to see another day. His smile, reserved only for me, kept me going, even as you killed all those close to me. He was the reason I hadn't yet drowned by grief. Then, you claimed his last breath. 
The pen dropped from my shaking hands, staining the floor with splatters of ink. Sobs wracked me, my wails loud enough for the whole village to hear. Lucien, my earthbound angel, was gone to a place of no return. I still remember how he looked at me. I felt like I was floating on clouds when I was with him because he made me feel like the most important person in the whole universe. My tears smudged the ink on the paper, and I couldn't make them stop. I hated crying because it made me feel weak and helpless, made me realize how insignificant I really was. I barely heard Grandmere hobble in, not even hearing her soothing words as she eased me onto the bed. I was lost in my grief.

    Later that night, the bright gaze of the moon prevented me from slumber. I got up, tiptoeing to the large window, watching the stars smile down on me. Only for me. War could take away all the people I cared about, but War could never take away the stars. They were mine alone. 
Date finished: November 11
3:33 P.M, West Coast time

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