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Rainbow Vignettes (aka #colors)

December 8, 2019




My feet sink into the fine sand. 
The gentle breeze tickles my skin. 
My clothes feel light and airy, bouncing with the wind. 
The smile on my face grows larger.
"C'mon, honey, it's dinnertime!" my mother calls in the distance. 
"Give me a minute!" I holler back. 
I close my eyes.
Three seconds.
The waves are calling my name. 
I'll make it short this time. 
Six seconds.
I start walking towards the sea.
A gull coos beside me. 
I open my eyes.
A bright spark possesses me. 
I dash right along the wet sand, the little waves occasionally colliding with my feet.    
The laugh I've been holding bursts free. 
"Haley!" my mother yells. 
I skid to a dead halt. 
"Get your tush over here. Do you want your dinner to get cold?"
"Coming." I groan, but not completely wistfully.
I'll be back again soon. 



The king, the soldiers, and the girl ran to the entrance of the palace. Smoke plumed all across the town. Fire swallowed houses and buildings like they were nothing. 
The king fell to his knees, his eyes wide with shock and fear. "What have I done?" 
The girl came to his side, angry tears streaming down her face. "Do you see now what happens?" her voice broke. "This is what happens when you put your own self before others. When you refuse to listen." her hands shook. "They've broken down our barriers, made us immobile, you have shown your true self, and your people have paid dearly for your foolishness." 
They watched as a temple fell, helpless. 


Running through the meadow of flowers.

As we pull up to to the farm, Ophelia practically leaps out of the truck like a gazelle, running and laughing through the meadow. 
"C'mon, Leo!" she invites me, stretching her arms wide. "We don't have all day!" 
"I'm coming, I'm coming." I say, running to catch up to her, which is hard to do if you have a basket and a blanket that you're really trying not to drop. By the time I meet her, I'm gasping for breath. "Did you really have to make me run like that?"
"Yep. I did" she says with a devilish grin on her face. 
"But I've been driving for an hour. How do you think that makes my legs feel?"
"Oh, stop complaining, you." she takes my hand, leading me through the grass. "Don't worry, this'll all be worth it." 
"It better be."
After we walk a little while, Ophelia stops under a great big oak tree. 
"Let's lay our stuff here." she announces, taking the blanket from me and laying it on the ground. She sits down.
I lay the basket down, and then basically fall to the ground in exhaustion.
"Oh my God, stop being such a drama queen!" Ophelia achieves the world's biggest eye roll.
"Oh! Wait! I forgot something!" Ophelia springs up, and darts away into the meadow. Soon enough, she comes back, holding a bundle of flowers. She sits down again. She picks up a daisy, plucks off the flower from the stem, and puts it in my hair.
"There." she smiles, "Now you look dashing." she plants a soft kiss on my cheek. We stare in each others eye's before Ophelia turns her head around. "Look! The sun's setting!" she scoots a little closer to me so she can lean her head against my shoulder.   
The sky is painted with hot pink, some blue, some red, and yellow. It all mixes together into one big masterpiece.
"Wow." I say quietly. "That's beautiful." 
"Worth it?"

A canvas.
unfinished business.
A void. 

I lay in the snow, looking at the mournfully grey winter sky.  
It would do well to have some sort of color in the landscape, to signify that some form of life once lived here.
But I suppose that would not be very fitting with the theme, would it? 



The bleary moon sits solemnly on the mountain-tops. 
Her tears cloud the murky way to heaven. 
The resent shape is seen as customary. 
Her tapestry covers the sun, the lights known as stars and planets sewn in as necessary.
 "Ah, what times these are." Jupiter muses.
"No one will love you like I do." A mystic voice spoke from the cosmos. 
"Could we stay a little longer?" Venus pipes up.
"We must leave! Why wait for anyone?" Mercury answers. 
"It's all right." Neptune sighs. 
"Ring around the rosy..." Saturn sung. 
"Why do people never fret over the small things? They're just as important." Mars reasoned. 
the Oort Cloud played the flute. 
Uranus took a gentle rest. 
And Earth sat in the corner, saying nothing.    
I basically chose a color, and paired a scene that I thought had that color's energy. Please bear with me, I wrote a lot of this very late at night, which is when I bust out a majority of my very weird style of writing. I hope you can make something out of this.     


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  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    This was really clever!! When I first looked at it, I just thought you were listing things that connected with the colours you chose. But fully reading this, I absolutely adore it. It's like a whole series of colours that take you into a new story every time you journey into their puddles. Beginning to the end, I love love loved it. Thank you for entering the contest!

    8 months ago
  • bambiamby

    This is actually really heart-warming! I love reading your interpretations of these colours!

    8 months ago
  • Miss_S_wise

    This was beautiful! It was different from most pieces, I think that's what made it so amazing!!! Keep writing :)

    8 months ago