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warning: dangerous games #KNContest

December 8, 2019


i halt and watch;
the girl with smiles and spirits
i keep my distance
does she know she's playing games?

she hides from her seeker
the girl with giggly tension
she is trapped inside a void
does she know she's being watched?

i want to shade my eyes
the girl with youth and innocence
i watch her choose one of the three; rock, paper, scissors
does she know she's being tested?

she runs unknowing from a threat
the girl with hiding enemies
she gets caught in her trap, tag, she's it
does she know she's being captured?

i run and stand in her way
the girl who needs my help
i tell her this, this one simple thing
"proceed with caution."
Kids, don't tale candy from strangers. Or go with them to their car. There is no candy there. There is no free Wifi there.

Prompt 2 of #KNContest! Hope you enjoy! :)


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  • KN Husna

    Thank you for the entry!

    12 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    I can live without candy but living without wifi is impossible.

    about 1 year ago