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I don't even know what thi sis.


March 27, 2015



This life is something I enjoy very much. But I can't say I love it. So If you don't mind I want to complain. I have lived for a little over a decade nothing on this world can prepare me for this future. My death comes to my mind everyday. I want to live but I am very willing to give away my life to proves a pint. Okay I'm stubborn a hypocrite, shoot me jeez! Every sound and little that passes by my ear keeps me on my toes. I try to escape this world by blocking things out. I find the most annoying things is having to talk to people. About two years ago I little by little yet slowly began to except that happiness but that was merrily the calm before the storm. S*** happens, is what my sister always tells me. I have started not caring about much of anything. If most of the people around me died right in front of my eyes it wouldn't matter to me. I constantly have to be concerned about people its kind of rediculous when some one gets hurt and I have to act like I care. I believe pain is intriguonga and is necessary for people to except things and understand things. Like when your a kid and you fall down the stairs and learn from that not to run down the stairs. Simple things like that do scar people. People who cause pain for others for selfish reasons are disgusting. Though i do find pain necessary I don't think other peopke have the right to decide if some on eneeds pain. Hypocrite, I know. People make the mistakes and learn from it and get over it because it was their fault and they understand that. 


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