I am high school student. I am keen about writing my thoughts and expressing my feelings. I am a good artist too. I live in India, and I love my country!

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Hey guys,
It would be very caring if you would tell me about the things I can work on, as this would be my first essay I have published, kay, thanks!

The City of Me

May 5, 2014

I look out of the window. many us us do. I look out of the window when I'm bored, lost, broken or hurt or even excited. This is because outside i can see the things going on. I can hear sounds and feel the atmosphere. These things tell me more about the earth. No. I don't live in a place where I can see mountain or hill or trees or water bodies. I live in the middle of a city and the city as its own beauty, its own culture, its own people and that sound amazing to me. When I'm lost in thoughts, looking out of my window tells me about the place I live in. There is a long road running across and two bridges laid on it. Shops placed one next to the other in a row. Three or four building behind my house. A few trees still not removed, potholes that are not yet fixed and street dogs. People look so busy, vehicles go at quit a high speed and every time a car or a bus passes i can feel the air, the polluted air and i can hear the loud sounds.Its all fine to me, because its where I would call home. There was a time when when the scene outside wasn't the same. Things started adding up, there where no bridges before, now there are... there were only a few shops and now the whole lane is covered with shops. More houses and buildings rose. But in all these changes some of them were nice and some of them were not that nice. But it was lovely seeing things happen around me through my window.


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