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Potato Chip Debate

May 7, 2020



"What do you feel like, Bee?" Xavier asked the girl next to him as they walk through aisle 4. His raven black hair was neat, clean-cut, and shining underneath the lights of the store.

 "Potato Chips," The girls' sea-green eyes sparkled like a child’s on Christmas. Beatrice’s dark red lips were in a huge smile, her strawberry blond hair was in a braid that hung over her left shoulder resting on her chest. Beatrice’s delicate hand was comfortably in a calloused hand that belonged to her Xavier, their matching gold promise rings gleaming under the store’s bright lights.  The pair were wearing the same ripped jeans and snow-white sweater, making them look like they were older than they should be.

 "Okay, Bea let’s make this trip simple and easy, by just agreeing on my decision." Xavier sighed as he grabbed the pink packet of salt and vinegar potato chips.

Beatrice giggled and shook her head. "Don’t I get a say in this relationship? You got the wrong flavor!" Beatrice pointed out, pouting her lower lip. She grabbed a light blue packet with her sweater pawed hands. "Sour cream and onion are the superior chip flavor, Xavi, didn’t you go to school?"

 "Bee, we’re still in school. I’m sorry that I didn't study potato chip flavors in tenth grade." he apologized sarcastically.
"You should be," Bee said in a serious tone of voice, not regarding the sarcasm. "It is a very important thing to learn and after all my studies in all chip flavors; that salt and vinegar chips are perpetually vile. There is no worse flavor of potato chips and maybe anything else ever. They're disgusting and unbearable. Sour cream and onion, on the other hand, are an amazing flavor combo. They're the best, plain and simple, unequivocally and uncontested. So, in other words, salt and vinegar suck."
Xavier huffed at his girlfriend’s words. "Beatrice, Sour cream and onion get boring after a couple of handfuls, you also must worry about sour cream and onion breath as well. And, frankly last time we kissed you still had parsley in your teeth, from the chips, an hour previous" Xavier stated, his voice getting louder.
 “We were twelve, when that happened,” Beatrice huffed in infuriation, pink lightly spreading across her cheeks. “we weren’t even together at the time.”
The couple continued to bicker and argue over the chip flavors. Helena turned down the aisle to join up with her arguing friends. When she slowly walked over, her ankle boots clicked against the floor. By the time she joined them, the younger girls' white laced dress was dancing across her thighs as she rocked back and forth. She looked to her right and picked up a packet of barbecue flavored chips.

The couple stopped their arguing, noticing Helena and the barbecue flavored chip bag in her hand. The girl shrugged her shoulders and calmly said, "Barbecue is my favorite,” She pushed the thick-framed glasses up the bridge of her freckled nose, her dark brown hair was pulled up into a slick and messy ponytail. “It is also the best flavor." She muttered with a smirk on her face.  Xavier and Beatrice looked at her, their eyes wide in anger.


 “James, just choose one, it isn’t that hard!” Teresa yelled at her twin in frustration, her long flaming red hair whirling behind her like a curtain, as she shadowed her brother through aisle 7.
“Yes, it is,” James smiled up at Teresa. His mouse-brown hair was scruffy, spiking up all over the place. James’ stick-like figure loomed over the sweets along the grey framed shelves. “you need to consider all the variables in deciding.”
“What variables?” Teresa pinched the bridge of her freckled sprinkled nose. “James, this isn’t Chemistry” Teresa watched as her brother pushed up his slim framed glasses on the top of his nose and crouched, balancing himself on his heels in front of the selves of candy.
 “Yes, yes, it is, in a way. You have to think about it; Do I want something chewy or hard? Salty or sweet? Chocolate or Peanuts? Coconut or Cherry? Mars or Snickers? Which one is cheap? Do I buy a bag or just the individual candy bar? Do I want the party mix or the retro mix?” He turned his head to face the bags in front of him scanning the colors and prices.
“What’s the difference?!” Teresa questioned in exasperation between her clenched teeth.
“It is a difficult choice; one bag has bananas and the other raspberry frogs.” James looked up at his sister. Teresa’s fists were clenched making her scarred hands white at the knuckles. Her eyebrows were low hiding her gunmetal coloured eyes. She swung her leg at her brother hitting at his ankle. Teresa pounced on her brother, knocking his thin-framed glasses off his face, pinning him to the tiled aisle.

The girl bared her teeth, “James, choose one or prepare to die!” She pulled her fist back, her brother looked at his sister mentally preparing for the blow. 

“Hey, Teresa, take it easy! I don’t want to be kicked out of another store because of your fighting” Ace said calmly, he walked over to the twins. “Save it for the Swans’.

He stood directly under the bright light of the supermarket, making his blond hair into an angelic halo and the black suit jacket was like a pair of ravens’ black wings. He offered Teresa his hand, she immediately swatted his hand away. She got up off the linoleum floor, brushing dirt and dust bunnies off herself.
“Of course, your majesty” she hissed sarcastically with a small curtsy, leaving her friend and her brother on the floor, muttering to herself.  

“The Queen of Cats has spoken.” Ace chuckled.

“Ace,” James whispered. Ace turned to the boy, “Derek went at her again this morning. She just needs to cool off some steam”
“Teresa shouldn’t have to let it out on you though, especially when she brings out the ‘thunder twins’” Ace held up his fists towards the younger, his frown softened and became a smile. The blond offered his hand to James. Getting back on his feet he turned to see his sister waiting at the end of the aisle.
“Choose three, I’ll pay for it” Ace nodding his head towards the rows of candy.
James smiled and nodded appreciatively, grabbing the three most expensive types of candy on the shelf. “Thanks, Ace, I owe you, man.”
Ace laughed shaking his head as he watched James trip over himself and finally reached his sister. He looked to his left and grabbed a packet of pop rocks, catching up to his friends that were waiting for him at the end of the aisle.
“Finally,” Teresa huffed at the boys. “you girls were taking forever, I nearly ditched you” a smirk spread across the girl's speckled face, her pale arms crossed over her non-existent chest, cradling a bar of milk chocolate. “I’m sorry, James”
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it, Derek shouldn’t have gone off at you like that.” James wrapped an arm around his sister cautiously, knowing that she hated affection. “I decided” James beamed at his older sister, showing the girl the box chocolates and a bag of ‘Retro Mix’. Teresa’s grey eyes blew wide open, she slapped James across the forearm.
“Those were the most expensive you could’ve chosen. Ace, you better not be paying for those.” Teresa’s voice was stern and cold thin. James looked guilty at his sister. “He is. You are unbelievable” Teresa told the boys, neither of them sure who it was directed to exactly. The trio walked down the main corridor heading towards the checkout. As James and Teresa started to bicker and argue, another group was coming from the opposite direction also heading for the checkout.
Ace observed the trio. The couple in the trio were sporting the same cliché matching clothing, obviously a couple. The raven-haired male was neat, and his red-headed significant other was attached to the males’ hip, despite their arguing. Ace looked his last at the group, then did a double-take when he noticed a white dress behind the couple. As the couple moved towards the first register, Ace managed to get a glimpse at the girl in the dress. The girls’ figure was accentuated in the dress, black butterflies could be seen against the laced garment. Her tied auburn hair was slightly messing fraying into curls next to her ears. She looked exhausted but kept a small smile on her face.
“Follow me” Ace called out to his friends. Ace felt something about the girl that drew him to her, and he didn’t know what it was. He strode over to register 1, followed by his reluctant friends, who were still arguing about what candy was better. As Ace came closer the more, he could understand why the girl looked tired and why the couple was arguing.


 “Hun, Sour Cream and Onion is better” Beatrice smiled at her boyfriend as she placed a light blue bag of chips on the conveyer belt. Flicking her braid on her right shoulder.

“No, Bea, Salt and Vinegar are superior” Xavier mumbled in the crook of Beatrice’s neck. As he placed his pink bag of potato chips on the conveyer belt, in front of Beatrice’s. Helena buried her face in her hand laughing at the at the stupidity of her friends’ love.
“Are they arguing about chip flavors?” a smoky voice came behind from the girl. Immediately, she gasped, turning around to come face to face with a handsome man. He looked no older than she was, maybe a year older. Along his defined jawline, was a hint of stubble. His hair was snow-white with hints of gold hiding amongst the locks. His eyes were a piercing ice blue. The dark suit he was wearing, seemed to intensify all his features. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” The boys' smile was perfect and white. Helena’s cheeks and ears turned  bright pink.
“It’s okay. I wasn’t that startled” As soon as the words slipped off her tongue, she began regretting what she said. It was obvious that she was startled, Helena knew, he knew she got startled. She began lecturing herself about what she should’ve said.
“Don’t you think?” the boy asked.
“Barbeque is a better chip flavor, don’t you think?” his lips were curled up into a smirk. Helena pulled up her right hand to reveal a brown bag labeled ‘Barbeque’ and placed it on the conveyer belt.
“Actually, yes” she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and smiled at the stranger.
“Then you should’ve shown chosen the other ones! How many times do we have to go over this, James? Stop complaining and changing your mind!” a shrill voice yelled. Teresa had a hand on the conveyer belt and the other on her hip. She turned her head towards Ace, making her long red hair fall to the right side.

“Ace, he keeps changing his mind about his choices again!” Teresa explained to Ace and his newfound friend. “He isn’t sure if he wants jumbo mix or retro mix.”
“What’s the difference?” Ace asked the eldest twin. 

“How the hell—" Teresa began.
“One bag has bananas and the other raspberry frogs” James chimed in before his sister could answer.
“That’s a tough one” Helena pointed out; her pale arms crossed in front of her chest.
“Thank You!” James beamed, fisting the air. “See, Teresa, someone agrees with me.”
 “If it were my choice,” Helena told the gawky male in front of her. “I would go with the one with the bananas, the other bag would have too many gummy lollies, you would get sick of them after a while, besides, you get more of a variety in that bag.” Pointing to the bag in one hand.

James thought for a moment. “Sounds like you know your variables. I’ll trial it” James smiled and pulled out his hand to shake the girls, which she took in confusion.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Teresa said in disgust, as she faced the new girl. “Thanks for that, it’s taken him all of three hours to come to that decision.”
“Hey, I know the candy for the picky.”
The red-headed girl, Teresa, examined Helena closely. “Do I know you?”
“Lena!” Beatrice was yelling over to her friend, frantically waving her over. Beatrice and Xavier were standing over by the automatic door at the front of the store.
“You can play with your new friends later.” Xavier chimed in, his phone attached to his ear. “We need to get home.”
Helena’s faced blushed a brilliant red. She looked at the twins, then at Ace who gave her a small wink. Helena started to move along the register aisle to the main corridor. “Bye, Ace.”
“I guess we’ll meet again,” Ace laughed at himself “What’s your name?”
“Lena” Helena smirked at the boy, she turned and left the store with her friends.

I wrote this two years ago and finally had a chance to fix it up. Wondering if I should make this into a story, like Romeo and Juliet. Open for constructive critism!


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